Wendy swaps stilettos for wellies

Glamorous Wendy Hughes had a reputation for wearing stilettos, smart suits and lip gloss – until Feargal Sharkey entered her life.

Wendy is a huge fan of the Irish singer, who is best known for the hit song ‘A Good Heart’, so when she was choosing a name for her pet Cockapoo there was only one option – Feargal.

“It’s fair to say Feargal has changed my life in so many ways,” she said. “Before we got him I used to love wearing a nice pair of stilettos and I wouldn’t be seen dead without my lippy. Now you’re most likely to see me in my wellies and my waterproofs.”

Wendy works as a digital adviser for Redmoor Health and described taking the job as the second best decision she’s ever made – behind getting Feargal six years ago.

Wendy was born and raised in Oldham but decided at an early age she didn’t want to follow her friends and work in the local mill.

“My first job was a YTS in the recruitment department at Oldham Council,” she recalled. “I remember telling them I could type and they brought out this huge typewriter and I could only use one finger.”

Wendy then spent more than 20 years working in retail, including Currys PC World, before she started getting involved in healthcare at EMIS Health in 2012 and iPlato Healthcare in 2017.

“It was while I was doing this that I got to know Marc Schmid at Redmoor Health and they offered me the role of a digital advisor,” she said. “I love it.

“It was a leap of faith but I’m so glad I made it. The Covid-19 pandemic really made me realise what a difference we’ve been able to make. It’s really enhanced my knowledge of primary care.

“All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is make a positive difference and now I can – albeit without my stilettos!”

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