Care homes in Lancashire and South Cumbria embracing video consultations – with the help of Redmoor Health

Redmoor Health has been commissioned to support care homes in Lancashire and South Cumbria with video technology.

Redmoor’s team of digital experts are working alongside 120 homes to see what level of help they need to embrace video consultations.

Their team of digital experts have a proven track record in building strong relationships with organisations and supporting them through their Support Centre which is open Monday to Friday during business hours.

Redmoor have delivered similar projects in other areas across the country, providing training, ongoing support, and advice.

The benefits of video consultation for care homes are endless. Staff are trained in how to use laptops and tablets for a variety of different consultations from patient assessments to virtual observations, from multi-disciplinary teams to war rounds. Video can connect the patient and the clinician, wherever either may be.

Video can also be used for medication usage reviews, end of life assessments, chronic disease management, follow-ups, and even chats with family and friends.

As well as reducing the impact on non-elective re-admissions into hospital, video consultations can also improve patient consultation time, overall workload efficiencies, access to care services and overall quality and equity of care.

Cameron Booth, Digital Programme Manager; said: “We are just starting to engage with care homes in Lancashire and South Cumbria, to discuss with them what their individual needs are. We offer personalised one to one support, tailored to meet the needs of each organisations as we recognise that they are all different and in a different place on their digital journey.

“What is the same is the huge benefits that video consultations can bring, to the patient, care home staff, organisations and clinicians.

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