Chris Tomlinson started his working life as a welder but realised it wasn’t for him when he couldn’t weld corners.

A year later he switched to IT and 25 years on he’s still helping people understand technology better.

Since March he’s been working as a digital adviser for Redmoor Health from his home in Nottinghamshire – although because of Covid-19 he hasn’t met any of his colleagues yet.

Chris, who likes spending time with his 10-year-old daughter Isabelle although she’s known to everyone Izzy, explained his career change.

“When I was young I wanted to be a nursery school teacher,” he said. “My dad was an electrician and my mum was a trainer in the NHS.

“Somehow I found myself working as a welder. I used to weld all sorts of things. I was okay working in straight lines but I struggled with corners so it wasn’t ideal.”

Chris found his vocation in IT and started to work for Redmoor Health in March 2020 as demand soared for their remote training.

“Covid-19 has changed people’s attitude to technology,” he said. “I’ve been talking to doctors and nurses about working remotely for the last 15 years but Covid changed everything and the change has been a lot smoother than people thought.

“The technology has always been there and what Redmoor is doing is exactly what the NHS need.”

When he’s not working Chris loves playing golf, going out on his mountain bike, watching cricket or messing around with his daughter Izzy.

The only thing you won’t find him doing is picking up his old welding equipment. “I think those days are over,” he joked.

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