A family tragedy in 1990 changed Marc Schmid’s life forever.

The founder and CEO of Redmoor Health was 18 when his only sibling – 15-year-old sister Marie – was killed when the car she was travelling in hit a lamp-post. The other three occupants in the vehicle all survived.

Marc had been studying for his A-levels at the time and said the loss changed his outlook on life forever.

“It makes you realise that some things happen that you can’t plan for,” he said. “It also gives you an understanding of what other people go through. Although the memories fade you never really get over it. I think I get a lot of my drive and determination from my childhood.

Marc’s surname of Schmid is due to his great-grandfather, who came over to the UK from Switzerland before World War Two, while he thinks the T. Rex singer Marc Bolan was the inspiration for his first name.

“When you’ve got a surname like Schmid you get all sorts of misprounciations,” he said.

Schmid moved up north to go to university from his home in Leicestershire and has been here ever since.

Between 1997-2002 he worked as a PR manager to Bolton West MP and future minister Ruth Kelly. “That got me into the field of supporting politicians and then I got a job at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.”

Marc rose up through the ranks at the council to become head of corporate services and started to work with the NHS.

“I was bringing a lot of money into the team,” he said. “We started selling commercial advertising and by the time I left we were bringing in between £200,000-£300,000 a year.”

In 2017 he left to set up Redmoor Health. “I don’t think I could ever sit behind a desk and do a 9-5 job,” he said. “I like to come up with ideas.

“I set Redmoor up initially to develop the use of video consultations in care homes. I saw an opportunity for GP practices to get into care homes through technology

“Before long people started approaching me because of my communications background.”

Marc worked with the North Midlands Breast Screening Service and helped them increase their screenings by 13 per cent through the use of Facebook.

“Redmoor Health today is unrecognisable from the one we launched in 2017,” said the CEO. “Covid-19 has changed the way healthcare looks at technology.”

When he’s not working the father-of-four is a keen rugby union coach and cyclist, having clocked up more than 2,000 miles since March.

The only thing he’s not enthusiastic about is flying. “It’s fair to say I endure flying,” he said.

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