GP practices across Staffordshire engaging with patients through social media – thanks to Redmoor

More than 80 GP practices in Staffordshire are now engaging with patients through Facebook, thanks to Redmoor Health’s digital team.

As part of its Social Media Training programme, practices are supported in setting up a page for their organisation and growing their audiences.
Redmoor upskill the practice staff to manage the channel, create content, monitor comments and respond to queries.

As part of the ongoing support, Redmoor posts strategic health campaigns on the Facebook pages, while staff post relevant practice content.
Staffordshire is the latest area to take part in the training programme, which is being rolled out nationwide.

Redmoor also deliver larger training sessions, which are very popular with delegates, and include live demonstrations, general top tips for social media channels and the most up-to-date trends and features.

Liam Wright, Digital Marketing Advisor who leads the programme, said: “Using social media channels such as Facebook is a great way to communicate with patients and also provide them with better healthcare.

“It is not just about providing patients with health information and news from the GP practice,. It is also about giving them an opportunity to be part of a community where they can help each other peer to peer and also give valuable feedback to the practice.”

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