Hundreds of care homes supported in demonstrating how they safely handle people’s data and information

Redmoor Health has recently supported care homes across two Integrated Care Systems in the South East of England to complete their annual data security assessment.

The Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is an annual self-assessment for health and care organisations and all adult social care in England.

Known as the DSPT, it outlines what they need to do to keep people’s information safe and protected from data breaches or cyber-attacks.

Redmoor Health was commissioned by NHSE/I to provide additional support to residential and nursing homes in the South East region to help them complete their DSPT, which must be completed annually.

Redmoor, HSJ Winner for the “Best Educational Programme for the NHS”, is now in talks about rolling out its support programme to other health and social care organisations across the country.

The support delivered by Redmoor does not replicate the national Digital Social Care support programme “Better Security, Better Care”, but rather offers a personal one to one “hand-holding” through the process.

Its Support Centre is staffed by a team of experienced digital health and data security professionals and can be accessed daily. In addition, Redmoor provides workshops and a host of resources for organisations to use.

Sharon Wilson, Digital Programme Manager for Redmoor Health, said: “We help to walk people through a process which can seem very daunting. Our user friendly and interactive resources provide them with the support they need to be able to complete the DSPT.

“We know that people want to be able to call on extra support when they need it, so that is why our support desk is available Monday to Friday during office hours. We are here to help!”
A spokesperson for the Beech House Care home said: “Thank you for your support which made it easier to complete the assessment and has provided me with plenty of resources that can be used for our organisation.”

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