Lisa Williamson will never forget her 40th birthday – and nor will her friends and family.

People are still talking about her celebrations, which included holidays to Berlin, Barcelona, Bali and Blackpool.

“Basically anywhere beginning with B,” she joked. “It was a year-long birthday.”

However not everything went according to plan as she found out she was being made redundant two days before she turned 40.

“It was a tough time,” she admitted. However soon afterwards she was introduced to Redmoor Health and began working for them as a digital trainer since April 2020.

“My passion is making things better for me and my family as patients and for the NHS generally,” she said. “That’s what my role at Redmoor allows me to do.”

Lisa is born and bred in Stockport, where she still lives today.

Her first choice of career was to be a footballer for her beloved Manchester United but she stopped playing after she left school.

Her second career choice was to be a journalist but she realised it wasn’t for her after three months at journalism college.

After working in the finance department of an office and in a IT business she eventually joined healthcare company EMIS in 2004, where she used to train GP practices.

“It gave me the opportunity to really understand about primary care and the workings of a practice,” she said. “Some were very enthusiastic about technology but others less so. Some were reluctant to move from paper to computers.”

Then in 2018 Lisa was told she was going to lose her job.

“It was just before my 40th birthday,” she said. “I’d never had a birthday party before but I decided my 40th would be different. I’d planned to celebrate  for a year and then I found out I was going to lose my job.

“I thought I’d take some time off and work as a freelance trainer but before long I was helping businesses with their technology,” she said.

In April 2020 she began working for Redmoor Heath, training GP practices on using technology like Microsoft Teams.

“A lot of people are scared of technology but they shouldn’t be,” she said. “My nan turned 90 during lockdown and lives with my 94-year-old grandad in a block of flats. She orders her prescriptions online and without technology they would have been completely isolated.”

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