Cameron Booth always dreamt of being an entrepreneur but said he only starting fulfilling his ambition when he joined Redmoor Health.

The 26-year-old grew up in the Lake District in Windermere and was first introduced to the world of business by his dad.

“My dad ran a successful business and I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” he said.

Cameron went to Newcastle University and got a first class degree in Entrepreneurial Business Management.

However things only started to take off when he joined his uncle Marc Schmid’s business Redmoor Health in January 2017 and began to work as a digital advisor.

“Marc isn’t afraid to try something different,” he said. “We get involved in so many different things at Redmoor Health. I find it inspiring.”

Cameron’s next life-changing experience was to go travelling for six months in November 2018 and visit India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and even Hawaii.

“I like to get off the beaten track,” he said. “After just two weeks I met my girlfriend Sophie in Goa, who comes from Germany and we’ve been together ever since.”

However their relationship nearly ended before it had really begun when he was knocked off his motorbike as they travelled through Vietnam.

“We were riding from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi when I was hit by an artic lorry,” he said. “Something like that really changes your view on life.

“I injured my knee but injuring myself wasn’t a new experience as I’ve broken my arm eight times in the past so it could have been a lot worse!”

Cameron has shown the same enthusiasm to his work at Redmoor Health as he has for travelling.

“When I first joined Redmoor Health I was working on a video and care home programme which connected GPs with care homes and it grew from there.

“Then along came Covid-19 and it accelerated things astronomically. Nobody could have predicted the pandemic and the growth in remote monitoring. The pandemic highlighted the value of virtual appointments in care homes.

“What I love about Redmoor Health is I’ve got the scope to be entrepreneurial and explore new ideas all the time. Not everything works in the world of HealthTech but at Redmoor we’re determined to find out what does and share it with health professionals.”

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