If Anna Buckle had any doubts about the power technology plays in healthcare it changed in one moment.

The 23-year was on a work placement at Redmoor Health in 2018 when she met a Scottish lady battling the painful condition lupus.

She recalled: “Marc (Schmid) is my uncle and he realised he needed some support with a project he was working on at Redmoor Health. It was looking at how patients and clinicians were using different types of tech to improve healthcare outcomes.

“I went up to Scotland to meet a woman who had lupus but was allergic to the normal painkillers that were prescribed and anaesthetics.

“She’d been a keen scuba diver when she was younger and she put on a VR headset to take her mind off the pain. The VR headset took her to places where she’d been scuba diving and she underwent an operation without pain relief simply by putting on a VR headset.

“I just thought ‘wow’. I took over the project and I’ve been at Redmoor Health ever since.”

Anna was born in Grimsby but grew up in Chorley before going to the University of Leeds to study sociology.

“Leeds was a great place to be a student,” she said. “I joined Amnesty International and took part in a sleep-out for the homeless in Leeds city centre and gave out food and clothes to the people on the streets.

“I’ve always been taught to treat everyone as an equal and when you see a homeless person you don’t realise what their personal story is.

“I remember speaking to one young person and they’d lost both their parents and didn’t have a single family member to contact. It could happen to anyone.”

Anna said being at Redmoor Health allows her to continue helping people but this time through the platform of technology.

“Healthcare is such an exciting sector and no two days are the same,” she said. “I enjoy speaking to people. You have to be able to adapt and Covid-19 has really highlighted that. Now I deliver training through Microsoft Teams and it’s amazing how quickly you get used to it.”

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