Redmoor Health is excited to announce it will be supporting practices across London to get the best from their online services

The programme is part of a national rollout of the ‘The Redmoor Way’ online services quality programme which provides bespoke coaching and support to practices to get the best out of the online services they are offering. The programme includes support on a range of online consultation and video consultation tools as well as help with change management and workforce coaching.

The Redmoor Health team will bring expertise and learning gained from across the country and include toolkits that have been developed in partnership with practices. The support programme will also include exciting use of the Digital Journey Planner website which will help practices to measure their digital maturity and provide them with a development programme which will be delivered by Redmoor’s team of experienced advisors who have years of practice experience.

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Whether it is by training and helping you use and embed technology, showcasing the great work you are doing, or helping you learn from experiences we have been part of elsewhere. Contact us to see how we can transform your digital practice.

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