Starting university during a pandemic didn’t stop Liam from reaching his goals

Starting university can be an exciting yet worrying time for any young person – but throw in a global pandemic and it can be an even more challenging and difficult time.

For Liam Wright, age 21, Digital Marketing Advisor for Redmoor Health, that is exactly what happened last year and yet he managed to pass his first year with flying colours.

Like many young people, he has shown amazing resilience, determination and dedication during the last 18 months as the Covid 19 pandemic changed all of our lives for good.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was hard. Learning online was really difficult. Listening to someone speaking for seven hours on Teams is not the most riveting way to learn. But I was working full time for Redmoor and that kept me focused too. ” said Liam.

As well as studying online for the last year, Liam has also been working full time for Redmoor Health as a Digital Marketing Advisor. The former Runshaw Sixth Form College student manages their popular Social Media training programme which is currently being rolled out in Staffordshire.

He has been delivering training sessions to GP practices via Teams and is helping upskills health staff to manage their social media channels.

Not only studying online, Liam has been able to take his online skills to another level by training others in the same way.

The real life experience he has gained at Redmoor has proved invaluable to Liam. After a year of delivering sessions online, he is now getting the chance to deliver them face to face and although daunting at times, he realises the excellent opportunity it gives him to hone his skills.

As he embarks on his second year of a four year Digital Marketer degree and apprenticeship at Manchester Metropolitan University, he is excited about what the following 12 months will bring.

“It is already so much better. Listening to lectures face to face, being able to chat to the tutors, engaging with other students, being able to have lunch with friends and fellow students, it is so much better. After delivering training online for so long, it can be nerve wrecking to deliver them in person but I am getting good practice at work and able to use that during my presentations at university.

“When I started my degree last September, the first day of icebreakers was online. That was strange and then we went into university for the second day. But then we were told the rest of the year would be online. So I only had actually one day in university.

“I didn’t have it as bad as others. I was working full time for Redmoor and doing my studying. I love the fact that I am learning new skills that I can directly use in my day to day work. For instance at the moment, we are looking at e-commerce which is relevant to the work that Redmoor does.

“I love the course I am doing. It is really good and interesting, I am learning new things all the time and it is relevant to the work I am doing at Redmoor.”

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