Exciting new telehealth partnership launched in the UK

Redmoor Health has joined forces with US based Eko Health as the UK’s only distributor of the exciting range of ¬†Eko health digital stethoscopes and telehealth software.

Following extensive front line trials of digital stethoscopes, Redmoor opted for a partnership with Eco Health as their devices proved to be the most effective at allowing clinicians to work remotely. The range of products includes the digital attachment that can turn an existing standard stethoscope into a digital one; the Eko Core integrated digital stethoscope and the Eko Duo which combines a digital stethoscope with an ECG. In addition to these devices, Redmoor Health is also able to distribute licences for the Eko Health live streaming and video software which allows clinicians to live stream heart and lung sounds to clinicians.

The devices are now being used across all parts of the UK by clinical teams to provide remote care during the Covid-19 pandemic and is proving particularly effective in supporting care homes, house bound patients and clinical supervision.

You can find out more at Redmoor’s product website www.redmoorproducts.co.uk


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