Redmoor Health has launched a new podcast channel featuring leaders and innovators from the health and digital world. Called Redmoor Talks, each episode will focus on a current hot topic and include real life experiences from the frontline of health and social care.

The “conversations” are led by Cameron Booth, Digital Programme Manager, who is part of Redmoor Health’s engagement team. Here he talks about his experience of setting up the exciting new venture for Redmoor.

“I recently recorded my first two podcasts for the Redmoor Talks, the digital health project I am leading on. I think this is a great project that will cover lots of interesting health topics –  we already have a wide range of topics lined up, from the challenges facing the workforce and the role of technology to using video consultations and remote care.

“Initially, I found making the first podcast with Dr Aw quite intimidating, as I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. I really wanted to make something worth listening to. I felt more confident and relaxed when recording the second podcast and I managed to find a good rhythm in the conversation that allowed me to prompt Wayne with relevant talking points at the right time – which I think is a real skill. I also learned it is ok to make mistakes. I could edit them out if I really wanted to but I actually decided to keep them in because it makes the conversation more relatable and genuine.

“It is really important to research each topic thoroughly and find talking points that are both useful and relevant. It’s also quite difficult to pick and choose how and when to mix these talking points into the conversation, as you don’t want to say something too off-topic and throw the guest. I found that genuinely understanding the topic of the podcast and the many different aspects of it makes it much easier to have a dynamic conversation that flows and is full of great points. Although, I accept I can’t possibly know everything and I am planning to speak to many experts about many topics. I like to discuss key talking points and questions with the guests before the show, so they are able to prepare a bit. It would be a bit unfair to drop a question like that on to someone without prior warning.”

“I think you also need to pick a format for the style of your podcasts, such as the length, structure, and any recurring themes you want to include. During the podcast, it is important to build up the guest and draw from their knowledge and experience and find a way of bringing the information they have in their heads to light.

“After sharing my first podcast with a few others, I had lots of detailed feedback. Although really useful and honest, I think everyone has a different style and I want to continue on my journey to see what my style turns out to be. I want to create my own style – I feel that is already developing!

“I decided to ask the guests the same question at the beginning of each podcast – “Aside from a good cup of coffee, what wakes you up in the morning? What are you passionate about?”. I think this is quite a deep question to ask, it can help the audience understand the values of the guest.

“Giving the guest the chance to prepare properly is also really important so I also like to have a call in advance with them to do a bit of a run-through of key themes and also help them feel comfortable. Because we aren’t recording the video, I think that takes the edge off a bit and allows us to focus only on the quality of the audio information. I want to continue to feature charismatic individuals, who can bring a level of entertainment and enthusiasm to the podcast, but also knowledge and experience.

“Working with our fantastic design team, we were able to create professional introduction graphics, with catchy music, which also visually represent the audio of the conversation in a simple yet effective way.

“There are loads of really good podcasts already out there, from the NHSX podcast to eGPLearning. I am not trying to replicate what they are doing but I think we have a great opportunity to bring life to some truly amazing digital health people, topics, and information in a new way.

“I personally listen a lot to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast – the most popular podcast in the world, which I always find genuinely interesting. There is a mix of guests and topics, but I stay tuned because there is also a good mix of humour in each conversation – that’s what I want to try and bring to Redmoor Talks, although I’m not a comedian like Joe.

“We do need to make sure that our podcasts are made in a way that is really informative and people learn a lot by tuning in. It is especially important to make both the guest and audience feel comfortable right from the start. Ice-breaking at the beginning is a great way to help you make the guest feel comfortable.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this project so far and am looking forward to seeing how they develop. I plan to make many more podcasts with many more guests and have some exciting topics already lined up.

“But it would be really good to get more ideas from the audience. On that note, what and who do you want to listen to? “

Check out Cameron’s latest Podcast with Wayne Kirkham from the NHS Lancs and South Cumbria team on all things workforce retention:

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