Why GP and nurse retention? Retention is a key issue affecting practices across the country. GPs and nurses are under pressure with many leaving the profession early or reducing their hours to improve their work life balance. Keeping these clinicians in the workforce and addressing some of the issues which cause them to leave is a key priority for the NHS and something where we believe technology has a role to play. 

So who is the programme targeted at? The first thing to remember is this is not about the technology. The main focus of the programme is to provide a range of targeted support for two key cohorts of GPs and nurses: 

  1. Those close to retirement who wish to continue but not full time at a practice
  2. Those with young families who wish to increase their hours but retain a work life balance to support a young family or are on maternity leave and wish to return to practice in a flexible way

To achieve this we have explored the key drivers that are causing the working environment to be stressful. This includes:

  • Sense of isolation
  • Barriers to collaboration 
  • Poor technological infrastructure
  • Lack of opportunities to innovate
  • Overwhelmed by administrative tasks

Using our proven ‘Redmoor Health’ implementation programme we support clinicians and practice teams to deploy technology to support their workforce and encourage a better work-life balance which in turn helps retain staff.

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