Implementing technology the ‘Redmoor Way’

Redmoor Health is regarded as one of the country’s leading experts in delivering quality online services across health and social care.

Our knowledge and experience comes from years of front line experience delivering innovation through technology. Our team is built up with a range of experiences from front line practice management, commissioning and clinical IT and delivery and communications and marketing. Our unique selling point is we are not an IT supplier – we work with the suppliers on behalf of the commissioner. Our industry knowledge of IT suppliers is second to none and we have used this knowledge to support commissioners at a local and national level. This has included undertaking reviews of video supplier capabilities to deliver video group clinics and care home support. Our work has also been referenced in the online services implementation guide created by NHSX in 2019.

We use this industry knowledge to work with commissioners and help them identify the most suitable solutions for what they are trying to achieve. 

We have also developed a digital readiness matrix that helps GP practices, CCGs and NHS Trusts understand what is required and where there may be gaps before they implement any online services. Our ‘Redmoor Way’ implementation programme has been fine tuned over a number of years and has been proven to support commissioners successfully implement transformation programmes.

See how Redmoor Health can transform your digital practice

Whether it is by training and helping you use and embed technology, showcasing the great work you are doing, or helping you learn from experiences we have been part of elsewhere. Contact us to see how we can transform your digital practice.

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