Industry leaders in deploying video consultation

The Covid-19 crisis has shown the importance of having a range of options available when it comes to using video technology. Successful implementation can be a tricky process and relies on a lot of knowledge of the training and IG required to get it working seamlessly.

Our team have years of experience in successfully deploying video consultation in a range of settings. Some of our successful programmes include:

  • Connecting care homes and Hospices to GPs via video
  • Deploying 1-1 video consultation capability across primary care
  • Delivering video group clinics
  • Delivering video programmes with community pharmacies
  • Supporting PCNs to improve communication via video
  • Support for workforce programmes using video to promote flexible working for clinicians

As well as successfully implementing video consultation programmes we have collected numerous case studies showcasing best practice. These can all be found on our Vimeo channel.

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