The NHS recognises that during the COVID-19 pandemic many of its staff are mentally and physically exhausted from the demands of responding to the pandemic. The average health and wellbeing score in the NHS Staff Survey 2020 reported work related stress increased from 40.3% to 44%.

The aim of the programme was to improve the lives of NHS staff who are experiencing significant work-related stresses. Solutions needed to improve the lives of the recipients, ideally in line with the five ways of wellbeing:

  • Connect with other people
  • Be physically active
  • Learn new skills
  • Give to others
  • Pay attention to the present moment

"My role involves a lot of manual handling so posture can be a concern due to this. Hydration (is a concern) due to the nature of working on busy wards, same applies for stress management." - Physiotherapist Recipient (Bwell Launch Questionnaire)

The Redmoor Solution

As a tech-based solutions provider, NHS- Redmoor partnership, was able to use its current knowledge of the tech industry to find a range of core products that could be used to address these key issues.

NHS-Redmoor partnership’s approach to finding these core products was to conduct thorough research into each product, to identify its benefits and get a clear understanding of how they could be implemented across Primary Care.

NHS- Redmoor partnership identified the following products as solutions to wellbeing issues expressed by the initial cohort, all of these were included in the final Bwell boxes:

  • Fitbit Inspire 2 – The Fitbit Inspire 2 is an all in one health monitoring device providing 24/7 heart rate monitoring, step-by-step fitness & nutrition programmes, personalised insights & motivation, sleep tools and more.
  • Firstbeat – Firstbeat is a reliable R-R interval recording device.
  • Upright Go – Upright Go is a posture correction device aimed at strengthening the muscles that hold your body in proper alignment throughout the day.
  • Sanvello App – Sanvello is an app that helps anxious, lonely, and overwhelmed people with their needs.
  • Celsium – Celsium is a simple and accurate temperature monitoring device and app that combines a wearable sensor with a mobile app to offer an easy to use, continuous and accurate temperature monitoring solution.

The Impact

In order to measure the impact of the Bwell campaign NHS- Redmoor partnership delivered surveys to the initial cohort of recipients before and after receiving their Bwell boxes.

Below is a chart indicating scores for the Bwell box recipients physical and mental health. This was a self-assessment score with people being asked to rate their health between 1 and 10, one being the lowest (poor health) and ten being the highest (perfect health).

This data can be compared directly to the four individuals who returned the Bwell boxes feedback forms after a period of usage time elapsed.

75% of responses indicated that both their physical and mental health improved to some degree during the period when they received their Bwell boxes. The greatest increase being a 133.33% improvement in physical health..

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