Digital Exemplar Programme

Using tried and tested methods developed across other regions, Redmoor Health deployed a digital exemplar programme across Lancashire and South Cumbria inviting ‘exemplar’ practices to begin deployment and share their learning and expertise across the ICS. 

The programme supported practices with a range of strategies to increase uptake of the MyGP app. This included training of the practice teams, change management and adoption support and training in social media marketing to help promote online services to patients. As part of the programme, engagement workshops were organised across the ICS and all practices invited. Innovative tech solutions were showcased such as digital dictation, record scanning software and app development and Iplato was provided with a regular platform to update on their latest app progress. In addition, dedicated social media training workshops were organised with specific focus on marketing the MyGP app. In total 798 people from practices across Lancashire and South Cumbria attended the training workshops.

Deployment of MyGP was a huge success with 96.7% of practices having deployed MyGP by February 2020 resulting in 275,669 appointments cancelled using the app as patients were either signposted to alternatives or directed to information meaning their appointment was not required.

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