Psychological Therapy Providers; Centre for Psychology, DHC Talking Therapies, Ieso Digital Health, Mind Matters Surrey NHS, Talking Therapies Surrey and We are with you, commissioned this marketing campaign to target young people and long COVID survivors, who have struggled in the pandemic.

The campaign aimed to target survivors of Long-Covid as well as young men and women age 14-24 and key workers in the Pandemic. These demographics were identified as most likely to have had their mental health negatively affected by the pandemic.

"Existing external agency partners and trusted suppliers were key to delivery of the campaign materials as there was not time to carry out a formal selection process."

The Redmoor Solution

Our main role within the programme was to appropriately place the ads onto the social media platforms targeting key demographics to build awareness of the IAPT services and produce click throughs onto the website.

Redmoor Health’s role within the programme was to work with a graphic agency to produce the campaign resources, including social media posters and videos.

The Outcomes

With Redmoor’s support Talking Therapies Surrey was able to have a strategically placed advertising campaign across several platforms. The campaigns were placed on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Tik-Tok, and this was specifically tailored to the audience of the ad.

After the 8-week campaign finished the outcomes were as follows:

  • Impressions: 4,176,359
  • Reach: 695,839
  • Clicks: 24,882

The campaign made millions of impressions (the number of times your content is displayed) across the four different social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of people within the campaigns target audience. This in turn led to tens of thousands of click throughs to the Healthy Surrey Website.

Google Analytics from the Healthy Surrey website shows unique visitors increased from 1,789 to 14,621 during the initial campaign period and a strong increase in visitors to 6,126 was also observed during the key worker campaign 26 May – 24 June

96,000 people heard the Global Radio advert about 6 times each. Home listening on smart speakers was highest with mobile following in second place, listen through rates were also very high at 96.3%; people were not switching off!

On Greatest Hits FM, an estimated 167,000 people heard the Baur advertisement about 9 times each. On digital channels 82,945 people heard the advertisement about 6 times each. Listen Through Rat on this campaign was again very high at 98.6%; people were not switching off!

The second Global Radio campaign which ran from 7 June – 26 June 44,933 heard the advertisement about 12 times each. Home listening on smart speakers was highest with mobile following in second place Listen were again strong at 95.3%.

The Impact

The Impact of this campaign has fallen directly within its aim to increase access to the IAPT’s for the target audiences. Analytics from the Healthy Surrey website show that between the 1 April – 24 June 2021 the IAPT’s experienced the following Unique connections:

  • Mind Matters Surrey NHS – 680 connections
  • Talking Therepies Surrey – 620 connections
  • DHC Talking Therpires – 618 connections
  • Ieso Digital Health – 256 connections
  • We Are With You – 101 connections

In addition to this the website also show between this period that 109 connected with the Healthy Surrey Professionals page, 158 connected with the Healthy Surrey Mental Wellbeing page and 271 connected to the crisis available page.

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