Redmoor Health has been working closely with Staffordshire CCGs since 2018 to connect GP practices to care homes.

The programme has included the provision of mobile devices in care homes and the training and support for practice and care home teams.

As an early adopter of video consultation the CCGs were able to respond quickly to the challenges created by Covid-19 and were able to offer a remote package of support which was safer for both residents and practice teams. This included the provision of remote monitoring equipment in care homes such as digital stethocopes, BP machines and pulse oximeters.

Post Covid, the programme has been expanded to include an additional 50 care homes and associated practices equating to an extra 100 sites implementing video consultation.

The programme is seen nationally as an exemplar programme and was referenced in the 20-19 implementation guide to online services developed by NHSX. A website was created as part of the programme where IG materials and clinical protocols were uploaded and made available to any other areas wishing to connect GP practices to care homes by video. The website can be found here.

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