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Coaching Programmes

We offer a range of coaching programmes to different stakeholders across Primary Care and ICBs.

Our coaching programmes are designed in collaboration with the ICB to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to drive digital transformation within their organisations, ensuring they can effectively meet regional healthcare goals and improve digital capabilities.

Our coaching programmes feature a comprehensive approach that includes:


We host webinars on various digital and transformation themes to provide in-depth knowledge and insights.

How-to guides & FAQ sheets

Documented guides and FAQ sheets support the webinars, making information readily available to all attendees.

Case Studies

We identify practices and PCNs adopting best practices across the region and develop case studies to showcase their success and strategies.

Practical implementation periods

Each course includes a practical implementation period, allowing participants to apply what they've learned and share feedback and experiences.

Follow-Up sessions

Follow-up sessions to address any issues, share insights, and ensure ongoing support and refinement.

Typical focus areas:

Cloud-based telephony, website improvements, modern general practice access models, patient access, and population health.


Three mandatory sessions, followed by a two-month practical implementation period, and a follow-up session.

Typical focus areas:

Enhancing skills and knowledge for successful digital and transformation initiatives, best practices, leadership techniques, and strategic insights.


Standardised training and coaching tailored to the specific needs and challenges of D&T leads.

Typical focus areas:

Comprehensive support for a wide array of stakeholders, addressing broader roles outside of digital champions and D&T leads, essential skills and knowledge for digital adoption.


Structured series of webinars, best practice sharing, and a follow-up session for targeted feedback and support.

Our coaching programmes are tailored in collaboration with healthcare organisations to meet regional requirements, ensuring participants are well-equipped to lead and sustain successful digital transformations within their organisations.

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    We offer a wide range of services

    Digital & Transformation Managed Service

    Our Digital & Transformation Managed Service has been built to alleviate the difficulties of recruitment while offering PCNs a wealth of digital transformation knowledge and support.
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    Digital Journey Planner

    The DJP is an online self-assessment system for GP Practices. We developed the system with NHS England, to optimise general practice knowledge, understanding and processes, aiming to improve patient experience.
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    Social Media Managed Service

    Our team provides GP practices and Primary Care Networks with high quality patient social media communication, without the burden and pressures associated with managing social media channels.
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    Communications Managed Service

    Our team has a wide ranging skills set, possessing previous experience delivering strategic patient communications support as well as frontline PR and communications within the NHS.

    Procurement Support

    Our Procurement Support aims to help you deliver every aspect of a successful procurement process from initial exploration of tech solutions to the evaluation, selection and implementation of chosen suppliers.
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    Training Courses

    Our courses, available individually or as part of a bundle, are conducted through interactive live sessions led by experienced professionals. This ensures a practical and engaging learning experience tailored to meet the evolving needs of the NHS workforce.