Strategic Digital & Transformation Programme

We offer a strategic digital and transformation programme that encompasses our DMI, SMMS, DJP, CPD Training courses, as well as our Website Review and D&T managed services.

When partnering with Integrated Care Boards (ICBs), we adopt a structured approach to ensure tailored and effective digital and transformation programmes:

Understanding your strategy

We start by reviewing your ICB strategy and speaking with your team to understand your priorities. This helps us design bespoke programmes that enhance primary care digital and transformation activities. We then present a detailed proposal outlining our approach.

Assessing current capabilities

Using our Digital Maturity Index (DMI), we identify strengths and weaknesses across the practices and PCNs within the ICB. This analysis highlights best practices and opportunities for improvement, informing our annual programme plan.

Designing and integrating the programme

We develop a holistic digital agenda using our full suite of services to achieve ICB priorities, including:

  • Creating a comprehensive webinar schedule: Offering a year-round schedule of webinars covering various digital and transformation topics.
  • Facilitating direct engagement: Facilitating direct engagement: Conducting workshops with Primary Care stakeholders across the ICB, with topics agreed upon in conjunction with the ICB. These may include improving digital front door access, increasing NHS App uptake, managing and understanding data, and communicating and simplifying NHS priorities for PCNs and practices.
  • Participating in regional digital forums: Actively contributing to forums such as DTL, PCN Manager, Practice Manager, and Digital Leads/Champions forums to promote the Digital Journey Planner and other digital and transformation topics, ensuring widespread engagement and collaboration.
  • Providing access to CPD training courses: Offering a range of CPD training courses for practice and PCN staff on patient summarising and digital adoption. Ongoing access to these courses is available, with sessions scheduled every 2 months.
    Integrating comprehensive support services: Combining our Social Media Managed Service (SMMS), Digital Maturity Index (DMI), Digital Journey Planner (DJP), CPD courses, Website Review Service, and Digital and Transformation Managed Service to provide comprehensive support.
  • Targeted project support:┬áCollaborating with the ICB to identify PCNs that require focused project support through our Digital and Transformation Managed Service.

Monitoring and tracking progress

Our Digital Journey Planner (DJP) is used to monitor and track digital and transformation maturity improvements, supported by real-world data from the DMI. We also track webinar and CPD training attendance and gather feedback. Progress is reviewed monthly between the account lead and ICB lead to refine the programme plan.

Proactive engagement

Our customer success team engages with practices and PCNs regularly to check progress, provide support with action plans, and offer advice. This ensures continuous improvement and effective implementation of the programme.

Clear deliverables and outcomes

The programme plan outlines clear deliverables, scope, and intended outcomes. This ensures all activities are aligned with the ICB’s strategic goals and measurable progress is achieved.

Evaluation and reporting

At the end of the programme, we produce an evaluation report assessing performance against the initial plan, providing insights and recommendations for future improvements.

By following this structured approach, we ensure that our strategic digital and transformation programmes are tailored, effective, and aligned with the unique needs and priorities of each ICB.

Interested in our Strategic Digital & Transformation Programme?

    We offer a wide range of services

    Digital & Transformation Managed Service

    Our Digital & Transformation Managed Service has been built to alleviate the difficulties of recruitment while offering PCNs a wealth of digital transformation knowledge and support.
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    Digital Journey Planner

    The DJP is an online self-assessment system for GP Practices. We developed the system with NHS England, to optimise general practice knowledge, understanding and processes, aiming to improve patient experience.
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    Social Media Managed Service

    Our team provides GP practices and Primary Care Networks with high quality patient social media communication, without the burden and pressures associated with managing social media channels.
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    Communications Managed Service

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