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Project Management

Maximise the success of your digital & transformation initiatives with expert Project Management.

At Redmoor Health, we understand that effective project management is critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives. Our Project Management service is designed to ensure seamless execution, timely delivery, and optimal performance of your digital projects.

How our Project Management works

Why choose our project management service?

  • Expertise and experience: Our team of seasoned project managers brings extensive experience in managing complex digital projects within the healthcare sector. We ensure that your projects are delivered on time, within scope, and on budget.
  • Comprehensive support: From initial planning to final implementation, we provide end-to-end project management support, ensuring all aspects of your project are meticulously handled.

Our approach

  • Initial planning and strategy: We work with you to define project goals, identify key stakeholders, and develop a comprehensive project plan that outlines timelines, resources, and milestones.
  • Risk management: Our proactive risk management approach ensures that potential issues are identified early and mitigated effectively, minimizing disruptions to your project.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Effective communication and engagement with all stakeholders are crucial. We facilitate regular updates and feedback sessions to ensure everyone is aligned and informed throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Agile methodologies: Utilising agile methodologies, we adapt to changing requirements and ensure continuous delivery of project value, maintaining flexibility and responsiveness to your needs.
  • Quality assurance: We implement rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that deliverables meet the highest standards and project objectives are achieved.

Key Services

  • Project Planning and Coordination: Detailed planning and coordination to ensure all project components are aligned and executed seamlessly.
  • Timeline and Resource Management: Efficient management of timelines and resources to ensure projects stay on track and within budget.
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting: Regular monitoring of project progress with detailed reporting to keep stakeholders informed and ensure transparency.
  • Issue Resolution: Swift identification and resolution of project issues to maintain momentum and prevent delays.

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    We offer a wide range of services

    Digital & Transformation Managed Service

    Our Digital & Transformation Managed Service has been built to alleviate the difficulties of recruitment while offering PCNs a wealth of digital transformation knowledge and support.
    DJP icon

    Digital Journey Planner

    The DJP is an online self-assessment system for GP Practices. We developed the system with NHS England, to optimise general practice knowledge, understanding and processes, aiming to improve patient experience.
    SMMS icon

    Social Media Managed Service

    Our team provides GP practices and Primary Care Networks with high quality patient social media communication, without the burden and pressures associated with managing social media channels.
    comms partner icon

    Communications Managed Service

    Our team has a wide ranging skills set, possessing previous experience delivering strategic patient communications support as well as frontline PR and communications within the NHS.

    Procurement Support

    Our Procurement Support aims to help you deliver every aspect of a successful procurement process from initial exploration of tech solutions to the evaluation, selection and implementation of chosen suppliers.
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    Training Courses

    Our courses, available individually or as part of a bundle, are conducted through interactive live sessions led by experienced professionals. This ensures a practical and engaging learning experience tailored to meet the evolving needs of the NHS workforce.