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The Digital Journey Planner (DJP) is an online assessment tool developed in partnership with NHS England for primary care to assess their digital progress.

Practices can develop their knowledge and understanding of the elements necessary to provide high-quality, safe online services that improve access and enhance patient experience and satisfaction.

The DJP is made up of modules, each with a checklist of questions as an assessment, intended to reflect your knowledge and utilisation of digital solutions. It offers guidance, hints, and tips to improve services for patients and effective working in your team.

The tool is designed around three principles:


Practice teams answer questions about their current digital practices and processes.


Based on the responses to the questions the DJP generates an Improvement Plan which recommends key achievable areas for development.


The Improvement Plan signposts to high-quality tools and resources in one place that help practices implement improvements making the planning process quick and easy.

What can the Digital Journey Planner help me with?

The DJP is split into modules that focus on specific areas for improvement. Each module has a series of short assessments, that when complete, are collated in an improvement plan for the practice to use.

The DJP has 4 modules available to all NHS England practice teams. Practices, PCNs and ICBs can access further modules as they are released, by subscribing to the Foundation+ and Enhanced licence.

These modules support practices in delivering modern general practice access and provide evidence of activity for the capacity access and improvement plans. We recommend that you work through the modules sequentially to allow the building blocks of digital and online services to embed in your practice.

This module is aimed at helping you to educate your patients and practice teams about online services and how you want use them to get the best out of your Practice. Good communications makes it simpler for patients and carers to engage with the practice and understand what service to expect. This module is free for all practice teams to use.
This module explores how your Practice enables people to access your services online. Effective use of online services means that Practice Teams spend less time handling enquiries from patients this is particularly the case for simple tasks such as ordering medication, updating contact details, booking and cancelling appointments and accessing care records. This module is available to DJP enhanced licence users only.
Digital inclusion is a social issue. An individual’s life can be negatively impacted by a lack of digital skills. Practices and primary care networks can use this module to ensure they provide services that are easy and affordable for patients with varying levels of digital competence and literacy.
This module will support you to plan your online consultation system, prepare your team and then communicate how best to use the system to your patients.
This module will help you to optimise the use of your clinical system, helping to improve your team’s clinical effectiveness, the safety of your care for patients and provide you with confidence in the quality of your electronic patient records data. This module is coming soon and is scheduled for release in April 2023.
This module explores how video consulting with patients, individually or in groups can add value and save you time and can allow patients to have more quality contact with clinicians. It will include advice on equipment, environment and confidentiality. This module is scheduled for release in July 2023.
This module will explore how Advanced Telephony can transform a practice’s access to provide a better patient experience. Using advanced telephony alongside online services and good communications, helps practice teams to think about all routes of access to the practice and will introduce new features available in advanced (cloud) telephony systems. This module is scheduled for release in October 2023.
This module will explore ways in which a practice can improve its operational efficiency through the application of digital solutions. This module will include rota management and workforce planning, digital dictation, demand and capacity modelling.

The Digital Maturity Index

The Digital Maturity Index, our ground-breaking data visualisation tool, brings together a range of data sources to help baseline and measure improvement.

  • Patient online management information
  • Electronic Prescribing, electronic repeat dispensing
  • GP Patient survey
  • Friends and Family Test
  • Online Registrations and GP2GP

What is included in the Digital Journey Planner licences?

The first four modules are available to all NHS England practice teams (Foundation Licence) as well as national webinars.

Additional modules can be accessed by subscribing to the Enhanced or Foundation+ licences, these include additional functionality enabling practices, PCNs, and ICBs to access reporting dashboards, webinars, Digital Maturity Index, and collaborative improvement targets. In addition to nationwide webinars, we will offer a range of events and resources across the year exclusively for Enhanced and Foundation+ licence subscribers. These will also be accessible as recordings for those unable to attend the planned events. This is a popular choice for PCNs that have Digital Champions and Digital and Transformation Leads in place.

The Enhanced licence offers the added benefits of support from the Redmoor Health team of primary care experts through coaching, 1-1 sessions, practice or PCN workshops, and topic specific webinars.

  • Optimise use of clinical systems, EMIS and SystmOne
  • Plan and implement advanced cloud based telephony
  • Increase use of video consulting
  • Support workforce wellbeing
  • QOF Quality Improvement plans
  • Digital Maturity Index to baseline and measure improvement



$ 99

Per Month

Free to all NHS England practice teams

The first four modules are universally available and will start practices on their digital journey and supports practices in delivering modern general practice access and provides evidence of activity for the capacity access and improvement plans to: 


  • Improve GP websites
  • Improve digital inclusion
  • Optimise use of online services, including online records access and online consultation
  • Increase uptake and utilisation of NHS App
  • Increase uptake of Register with a GP Surgery
  • Increase patient engagement and improve patient experience
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FOUNDATION +Most popular for PCNs

$ 1p per patient per month

Per Month

12p per patient, per annum (ex VAT)

The Foundation+ licence includes all parts of the Foundation licence plus extra modules released quarterly, webinars, action planning and PCN overview. This provides visibility and evidence of progress to PCN Managers and Leads. The action plan is ideally suited to support the requirements of the PCN DES, Capacity and Access improvement plan.


  • Optimise use of clinical systems, EMIS and SystmOne
  • Plan and implement advanced cloud based telephony
  • Increase use of video consulting
  • Support workforce wellbeing
  • Populate and support QOF Quality Improvement plans
  • Baseline and measure improvement using the Digital Maturity Index
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ENHANCEDMost popular for ICS / ICBs

$ 99

Per Month

 10p per patient, per annum (ex VAT)

The Enhanced licence includes all parts of Foundation+ licence, is an annual subscription and fully supported package. You are assisted on your improvement journey by our specialist team, who offer wraparound coaching and support via a range of options. Additional features include ICS/ICB/PCN dashboard visibility showing practice and PCN utilization, assessment completion and engagement.

  • PCN overview of activities and actions
  • Programme reporting, improvement metrics, audits and review reports
  • 12 months access and assistance from the Redmoor Support Centre
  • Live and recorded topic-based webinars and workshops
  • CPD courses
  • Access to the Digital Maturity Index
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What is the DJP?
The Digital Journey Planner (DJP) is a web-based self-assessment tool designed to help practices assess their current use and understanding of technology, discover new digital opportunities, solve issues and receive a practice specific implementation plan to help the practice and their patients get the best out of digital technology.

What support is available for practices completing the DJP?
The DJP is a practice-based tool. The completion of the self-assessment questionnaire is intended to be relatively straight forward and is designed to be completed by practice staff. However, some practices may choose to bring in additional support to aid the completion followed by implementation of the suggested recommendations.

What user testing was undertaken before the launch of the DJP?
The DJP ran in beta format for 7 months with testing from a number of practices across the country. Redmoor Health continuously engage with practices to understand experience and make improvements to the DJP. They also work with PCNs and ICBs to improve reporting functionality in the Enhanced licence version.

Will CCGs/ICS receive a copy of the implementation plan from the DJP?
DJP is a supportive tool focused at providing practice and practice staff with the knowledge and confidence to introduce and improve the use of digital services. It is not an assurance tool and should not be used in this manner. Commissioners working with practices to support the implementation of resulting plans will need the agreement of the practices to share their plans. Supports needs to be hands-on, working with practices to map out process, identify and resolve problems, training, and communication with staff etc.

What information will be made available at a regional level to help understand what the uptake of the DJP has been?
The national team will have access to who is registered and who has completed the module, which can be made available through the steering group to regional teams. We would encourage you to engage with practices who take up the offer. Details of improvement plans will stay with the practice. However, if you engage with those practices using the tool and they are happy to share their improvement plans then improvement plans can be aggregated holistic view for commissioner and regional teams.

What is the expectation on ICS/ICBs to fund the resulting implementation plan?
The DJP should provide a more in-depth understanding of the digital capability and usage. This should support ICBs to better understand priorities and access Digital Transformation Fund leading to improvements in service delivery and access in primary care.

The resulting implementation plans will support local commissioners to better understand the priorities at PCN/practice level which should feed into the strategic planning at the ICS level.

Digital Journey Planner Sessions:

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Who's using the DJP?

The planner identifies the areas where change is required and provides the help and tools to do this. Without DJP it would be difficult to identify and implement the changes required for compliance.

The planner has helped us recognise that applications we don’t use and/or different ways of using them. The planner therefore saves us time in practice and makes us more efficient in our communications to patients.

Whilst we consider our Primary Care organisation and our PCN as forward thinking when it comes to utilising digital solutions and digital innovation, the Redmoor Health Digital Journey Planner was very helpful in objectively assessing the positive things we are doing and also maybe the areas that we had not considered. The online tool is straightforward and easy to navigate and I would recommend it to any Primary Care organisations wishing to embrace the digital future ahead of us.

I have found using the Digital Journey Planner really interesting and helpful.  It is short, easy to complete, has suggested new things for us to implement, and reassured us that we are doing many things right already.  The team at Redmoor Health have been very helpful if I was unsure about anything, and have taken on board possible amendments that could be made.

Our practices have recently completed these modules. Not too onerous and produces some actions to guide your focus. Big tick from me.

I would encourage all Practices, if you haven't already, to register for the Digital Journey Planner. It's an excellent resource, full of guidance and hints, and steers you on a much more structured path of our digital work.

Using the DJP has been very interesting and taught me things I hadn't thought of before. The team at Redmoor have been very helpful and are quick to respond whenever I have any questions. Highly recommended!

I am extremely and forever grateful to you, Stacey and Redmoor Team whose intervention has allowed Islington Medical Centre website to be up and running again: thank you ever so much!!!

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