Digital & Transformation Managed Service

The ARRS-funded Digital and Transformation Lead role is designed to support Primary Care Networks (PCNs) by driving improvement through technology and system change. Recruiting for this role can be challenging due to the diverse skill set required. 

Redmoor Health’s Digital & Transformation Managed Service has been built to alleviate the difficulties of recruitment while offering PCNs a wealth of digital transformation knowledge and support. With decades of experience in the NHS and an award-winning track record, Redmoor Health specialises in primary care digital & transformation initiatives. 

What's included?

Redmoor Health’s Digital & Transformation Managed Service provides comprehensive digital and transformation support through a project-based approach, tailored to the specific needs of PCNs. Our services are designed to help PCNs: 

  • Enhance patient access and experience through new technology
  • Collaborate for improved access, shared communications, and appointments
  • Assess and improve digital maturity
  • Support the sustainability of general practice services
  • Utilise and improve data quality
  • Increase operational efficiency and match capacity better

How we work

We categorise Digital & Transformation priorities for Primary Care into six main themes, offering a range of support to implement beneficial changes. Using our Digital Maturity Index (DMI) and Digital Journey Planner (DJP), we ensure clear deliverables, actionable insights, and measurable outcomes. 

Key Benefits

Our service is designed to provide PCNs with:

  • Digital and transformation skillset: Access to a team with comprehensive expertise in digital health transformation.
  • Fully managed project support: End-to-end management of digital transformation projects.
  • Daily access Monday to Friday: Consistent support throughout the year.
  • Virtual and in-person attendance at PCN meetings: Active participation in key meetings and sessions.
  • PCN-specific training sessions: Tailored training to meet the unique needs of each network.
  • Open access to our helpdesk: Ongoing support for general digital queries and issues.
  • Complimentary access to specialist tools: Utilise tools like the Digital Journey Planner and Social Media Managed Service.
  • Facilitation of clinically led innovation: Support for adopting effective clinical improvements.
  • Scaling up plans and PCN development work: Assistance with expanding and enhancing PCN initiatives.
  • Practice engagement and coaching: Engaging and training local staff to ensure successful implementation.
  • Project management and data interpretation: Expertise in managing projects and interpreting relevant data.

Service Levels

Recognising the varied needs of each PCN, we offer three service options:

3-Month Service

  • Focus: A targeted project on a key digital and transformation theme. 
  • Structure: Defined scope, impact, intended outcomes, and metrics. 
  • Ideal For: PCNs needing help with a specific issue or additional support for an existing Digital & Transformation Lead. 
  • Pricing: £13,500* 
  • Includes: Clear project plan; scope, deliverables and outcomes; dedicated people resources for D&T projects; Access to free webinars on D&T themes. 

*Eligible for ARRS funding under the ‘Digital & Transformation Lead’ role.  

12-Month Service

  • Focus: Enhancing patient access, experience, and PCN productivity through digital and transformation initiatives. 
  • Structure: Baseline assessment, digital system audit, 12-month work plan, three delivery projects, and an evaluation report. 
  • Ideal For: PCNs without an existing Digital & Transformation Lead role. 
  • Pricing: £54,000* 
  • Includes: Baseline report; Clear project plan; Scope, deliverables and outcomes; Dedicated people resources for D&T projects; Managed social media account for Facebook pages; Access to free webinars on D&T themes throughout the year. 

*Eligible for ARRS funding under the ‘Digital & Transformation Lead’ role. 

Bespoke Support

  • Focus: Custom solutions tailored to specific needs or existing Digital & Transformation leads. 
  • Structure: Customisable project work or on-the-ground support. 
  • Ideal for: PCNs with unique requirements or additional tailored support for existing D&T leads. 
  • Pricing: Custom pricing based on needs. 
  • Includes: Tailored support for specific needs. 

How Our 12-Month Service Works

Our comprehensive service acts as a full equivalent to a Digital and Transformation Lead, leveraging our experience alongside the Digital Maturity Matrix (DMI) and Digital Journey Planner (DJP). We employ a structured programme based approach.  

Baseline Report: 

  • Assess PCN strengths and weaknesses in digital and transformation areas using DMI and DJP data. We use our proprietary ‘Digital & Maturity Matrix’ to assess the PCN strengths and weaknesses across a range of digital and transformation themes and priorities. 
  • Complete an audit of existing digital solutions and costs to identify gaps and opportunities. 
  • Evaluate PCN maturity against key digital and transformation themes. 
  • Present findings, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and priority areas. 
  • Use the report to develop a 12-month work plan. 

12-Month Work Plan: 

  • Develop a plan based on baseline report priorities, consisting of three impactful 3-month projects. 
  • See our full list of project options here. 


  • Compile reports after each project and at the end of the 12-month program. 
  • Review progress, update digital maturity assessments, and identify priorities for the next year. 
  • Demonstrate the outcomes and benefits realised. 

Digital & Transformation Projects

  • Communication Foundations: Developing and enhancing communication strategies to engage patients more effectively and ensure a consistent approach to improving patient interactions and outcomes.
  • Explore Modern General Practice Access: Integrating digital and physical entry points to enhance patient access, focusing on optimising patient journeys from initial contact through registration and follow-up.
  • Optimise Modern General Practice Access: Refining patient access strategies using comprehensive data analytics, enhancing online visibility, and streamlining navigation and care coordination.
  • Workflow & Efficiencies: Streamlining both administrative and clinical workflows to improve operational efficiencies and patient service delivery.
  • Workforce and Leadership: Enhancing workforce planning and leadership for improved practice efficiency and resilience.
  • Understanding Demand & Capacity: Using data analytics to understand and manage practice capacity and patient demand, improving resource allocation and patient satisfaction.
  • Optimising Demand & Capacity: Leveraging data analytics and best practices at the PCN level to optimise demand and capacity management for better patient care.
  • Procurement Support: Ensuring effective procurement of new solutions by gathering PCN requirements, co-ordinating product demonstrations and evaluating solutions, ensuring optimal selection.
  • Implementation Support: Facilitating the smooth and effective implementation of new systems across PCNs to enhance healthcare service delivery.
  • PCN Board Education: Empowering PCN boards with the knowledge and strategies for effective leadership, decision-making, and achieving national targets.
  • Working at Scale: Implementing scalable solutions and integrating services to maximise efficiency and improve patient care within PCNs.
  • Workforce Wellbeing: Enhancing staff wellbeing for a healthier and more productive workforce.
  • Net Zero: Helping practices reduce their environmental footprint and achieve sustainability goals through awareness and sustainable practices.
  • Strategic Patient Recall: Enhancing patient care and satisfaction through strategic recall planning and the use of digital technologies to manage long-term conditions and meet QOF targets.

Our Team

Redmoor Health are currently working with over 15 Primary Care Networks through our Digital & Transformation Managed Service. We have an experienced team of former or current primary care staff who have worked in medical, technical, leadership or communications roles within the NHS.

Our Dedicated Lead Specialists will help you to baseline and improve your service offer; without adding pressure to your staff team.

In addition to your Dedicated Lead Specialist. You will have access to the full breadth of knowledge and experience that lies within the Redmoor Health team.

Dillon Sykes, Digital and Transformation Lead

Dillon Sykes

Product Lead - Digital Transformation Services

Dillon has over 30 year’s experience working with and for the NHS which has given him an excellent understanding of the NHS and commercial providers.

During his career he has a proven track record working with NHS organisations providing a sound knowledge and practical implementation of policy, products and services. This includes helping healthcare organisations implement health tech innovations, ranging from small team change to large organisational transformation.

His substantial experience of managing change helped many GP Practices to move from 'legacy' appointment systems to a digital first environment ensuring patients could access technology needed to improve care.

Now in his role as Senior Programme Manager Dillon will work with Integrated Care Boards, Primary Care Networks and GP Practices to help understand the digital agenda and be a Dedicated Lead Specialist helping Digital and Transformation Leads to meet the challenges ahead to successfully improve care for staff and patients.

Frazer Jenning

Senior Programme Manager

Frazer has worked with Primary Care practices for over 5 years in various roles such as First & Second Line Support, Customer Success Manager and an Implementation Specialist, ranging from conversations held over the phone, remote meetings and face-to-face visits. From this, Frazer has gained valuable experience in how a GP Surgery operates, and how software can play an integral part in helping a practice become more digitally accessible for their patients and modernising their processes.
Now at Redmoor as a Senior Programme Manager, Frazer will utilise his experiences with working within the digital sector to help PCNs and practices break through their digital challenges by supporting both practice staff, and their patients through the journey.
Anna Wild

Anna Wild

Digital Programme Manager

Anna started working in general practice in 1986 as a Receptionist, before becoming a Practice Manager in 1990. Anna left this position in 1996 to work as a clinical software trainer for Genisyst and AMsyS.

Anna would later move to EMIS in 1998 as a trainer before she expended her remit to become a Lead Account Manager looking after a team of trainers.

Anna left EMIS in 2017 and worked at NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit as a Data Quality Specialist working with practices across Cheshire and East Lancashire.

Anna Joined Redmoor Health team in 2023 as a Digital Programme Manager and is looking forward to working with GP practices and Primary Care Networks to support them with Digital and Transformation support as a Dedicated Lead Specialist helping Digital and Transformation Leads.

Stacey Power

Project Assistant

Prior to joining Redmoor Health Stacey worked in General Practice for 7 years, joining a Surgery in Bolton as a receptionist. Her career has spanned from Receptionist to Medical Secretary, to Practice Manager. Through these roles she has gained experiences in coding, summarising, and implementing new clinical and telephony systems. Stacey understands the pressure General Practice faces and is looking forward to help relieve these pressures for General Practice and patients alike.

Our PCN has been working with Redmoor for the last 3 months and has found them to be professional, productive and proactive. The fact their skilled team has a wealth of NHS and private provider experience across the breadth of health services means they have a wealth of useful information and are expertly placed to understand general practice and Primary Care Network needs. This allows them to consider the best solutions to meet our specific needs.

Julie DavisPrimary Care Network Manager, Sale Central PCN

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