Explore Modern General Practice Access

At Redmoor Health, we recognise the need for continuous improvement in patient access and engagement. Our Explore Modern General Practice Access project is designed to leverage digital tools and best practices to enable more inclusive and efficient operations, aligning with NHS England’s Modern General Practice Access model.

Why it's important

In today’s digital era, enhancing patient access through various platforms and ensuring inclusive communication is critical. This project aims to reduce health inequalities, improve patient satisfaction, and streamline service delivery by adopting modern communication and access methods.

What the project is about

Explore Modern General Practice Access aims to implement comprehensive strategies for digital inclusion, effective communication, and streamlined access processes. By focusing on these areas, we help PCNs build a robust framework that caters to the diverse needs of all patients.


  • Introduction to Digital Inclusion: Educate staff and patients on the importance of digital inclusion and ways to achieve it.
  • Benefits of Good Social Media: Leverage social media to enhance patient engagement and information dissemination.
  • Website Health Check: Evaluate and optimise the practice website to ensure it meets accessibility and usability standards.
  • Call Flow Audit: Review call flow, including greetings, messages, and call-back functions, progressing towards a ‘best practice’ version.
  • Signposting and Care Navigation: Provide guidance on effective signposting and care navigation practices.
    Message Usage: Utilise one-way, two-way, batch, and questionnaire messages for effective communication.
  • Online Consultation (OC) Use: Explore the optimal use of online consultations and standardise the triage process.
    Access Route Mapping: Map current patient access routes and identify improvements.
  • Online Appointments: Increase the availability of online appointments to enhance accessibility.
  • Patient Registration: Simplify the registration process for patients at GP surgeries.
  • Online Records Access and Referrals: Promote the use and access of online records, referrals, and proxies.
  • NHS App Promotion: Encourage the use of the NHS App for booking and cancelling appointments, turning on notifications, and ordering medications.
  • Data Systems Identification: Identify all systems where useful data can be gathered to support decision-making.

Key components

  • Digital Inclusion: Ensure all patients can access digital services regardless of their digital literacy.
  • Social Media Strategies: Develop effective social media strategies to enhance patient communication.
  • Website Optimisation: Ensure the practice website is user-friendly and meets all necessary standards.
  • Call Flow Management: Implement best practices for managing patient calls efficiently.
  • Effective Navigation: Improve patient navigation within the healthcare system through clear signposting and guidance.
  • Optimised Messaging: Utilise various messaging methods to improve communication with patients.
  • Standardised OC: Establish a standardised approach for online consultations.
  • Enhanced Access: Make it easier for patients to access services and appointments online.
  • Simplified Registration: Streamline the patient registration process.
  • Online Services Promotion: Encourage patients to use online services for managing their health.
  • Data Utilisation: Leverage data from various systems to inform improvements in patient care and access.


  • Consistent Communication: Deliver clear and consistent messages across all channels.
  • Improved Call Management: Implement best practices in call flow and patient communication.
  • Better Patient Navigation: Provide clear guidance and improve patient access routes.
  • Increased Online Engagement: Boost the use of online services and appointments.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Utilise data from various systems to enhance patient care and access.


  • Improved Access: Enhance access to services and information for all patients.
  • Better Experience: Improve overall patient experience through effective communication and digital tools.
  • Upskilling Staff: Equip staff with the necessary skills to manage and implement communication strategies.
  • Increased Digital Literacy: Reduce digital exclusion by increasing digital literacy among patients.

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