Digital & Transformation Hub

The Digital & Transformation Hub is an advanced evolution of the Digital Journey Planner (DJP), set to launch later this year.

Building on the success of the DJP to deliver a solution that empowers going beyond digital planning, driving impactful transformation across primary care.

Key Features

Tailored for modern roles

  • Custom feature rich functionality for digital & transformation leads, digital champions, PCN managers, practice managers and ICB leads
  • Prioritisation of key priorities
  • Structured global and detailed action planning

User-centric design

  • Customisable profiles deliver relevant information
  • New PCN and ICB views offer broader insights, facilitate collaboration and alignment with national priorities

Enhanced professional development

  • Streamlined access to educational content and learning resources
  • Easy tracking of improvements and progress

Centralised Action Planning

  • Integration of global and in-depth assessments into one central action plan with impact ratings
  • Focus on key themes: access, workforce, demand, capacity, and leadership

Efficient Patient Journeys

  • Tools to streamline patient journeys and improve overall efficiency

Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of how the new D&T Hub will look…

Digital and Transformation themes

The Digital & Transformation Hub is designed around key themes to ensure comprehensive support and transformation in primary care. These themes guide the content, assessments, action plans, and knowledge resources available through the Hub. By focusing on these crucial areas, we aim to address the diverse needs and priorities within primary care, driving impactful and sustainable improvements.

  • Communication foundations: This theme emphasises the importance of effective patient communication and engagement, addressing health inequalities, and establishing robust communication infrastructures. Recognising that successful transformation hinges on a solid understanding of change management fundamentals coupled with clear, effective communication. By enhancing how practices communicate with patients and each other, we aim to improve overall patient experience and satisfaction.
  • Access: Ensuring patients have seamless access to services is critical. This theme focuses on optimising every access point. Including telephony systems, enhancing online presence through user-friendly websites and social media, and harnessing digital tools to improve access to healthcare services. By addressing these areas, we aim to remove barriers and ensure timely access to healthcare ultimately empowering patients to manage their healthcare needs more conveniently and effectively.
  • Patient Journeys: Streamlining patient journeys is essential for efficiency and satisfaction. This theme covers the entire patient journey from appointments to medication management and test results. By making each step more efficient and user-friendly, we enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Focusing on a “Right Access First Time” approach creates efficiencies within the practice, reduces wait times and provides patients with prompt access to the care and support they need.
  • Workflows & Efficiencies: This theme is dedicated to transforming internal processes and workflows within primary care settings. It includes optimising electronic patient records, supporting clinical decision-making, automation of repetitive tasks and implementing care navigation and remote monitoring systems. These enhancements aim to reduce administrative burdens, optimise resource allocation and empower teams to deliver exceptional care.
  • Workforce & Leadership: Supporting and developing the primary care workforce is crucial for sustainable improvement. This theme focuses on workforce well-being, adding value through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), and fostering effective leadership.
  • Demand & Capacity: Understanding and managing demand and capacity is key to effective healthcare delivery. This theme addresses data access and utilisation, continuous improvement processes, and population health management. By leveraging data and continuous improvement methodologies, we aim to enhance the capacity and responsiveness of primary care services.

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