Implementation Support

Integrating digital solutions is paramount to enhancing patient care, streamlining practice operations, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

As a delivery partner, our Comprehensive Implementation service is designed to support healthcare providers to realise the benefits of their digital solutions; releasing time, increasing spread and adoption of chosen software for ICBs, Federations and PCNs.

Ultimately this reduces unnecessary workload, driving efficiency, reducing operational costs and improving patient outcomes. Redmoor Health partners with system suppliers to embed their solutions and help practices to optimise their processes, at the same time as guiding practice teams and educating patients about new systems and how to access and receive care.

Decision to migrate, funding and ordering new systems

Our procurement support solutions can help PCNs, Federations and ICBs to identify which digital solutions may best suit their organisation’s needs. Developed in 3 phases, we support:

  • Buying catalogue selection
  • Liaison with procurement hubs, through engagement, evaluation and marketplace events
  • Post-procurement implementation and optimisation

Technical Survey, configuration and pre-migration tasks

Customisable solution design (optional)
Our service begins with a thorough needs assessment and workflow analysis, ensuring that the software solution is aligned with your organisation’s specific requirements and priorities. We work alongside the system supplier, to build the priorities and requirements of the commissioning organisation into the deployment. This takes the relationship beyond SaaS, to full adoption and spread, delivering consistency of use across PCNs and consistency of experience for providers and end users.

Stakeholder engagement and communication
To ensure that all organisations and people affected by any new digital solutions are aware of plans. Includes:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communication plan
  • Outline Benefits plan and ‘what’s in it for me’ approach to staff groups and roles

Technical readiness

  • Hardware
  • Network and infrastructure
  • Software requirements

Data readiness, production and checking

We prioritise interoperability, enabling seamless integration with existing systems and processes. Our implementation ensures:

  • Data cleansing, migration and management: Secure and efficient transfer of historical data to the new system

Compliance and Security

  • GPDR: This includes supporting practices with their GDPR and notifying patients about data processing via new systems
  • Hazard log and clinical safety requirement

Cutover planning and preparation

Operational Efficiency
Getting ready for a new system often involves understanding existing workflows and operations before implementation can occur. Letting go of the old and introducing new involves change support and quality improvement capabilities. We can assist to remove waste from your existing processes, identify overlaps across your digital solutions and suggest any potential products.

Comprehensive Training and Support
Many suppliers are committed to training within their contracts, but this could be limited to days early in the implementation journey. Often users cannot appreciate all the various components in a new system and don’t get best value from early training. To ensure a smooth transition and maximum utilisation of the new system, we provide extensive training and ongoing support:

  • Identifying clear roles and responsibilities including clinical leadership to ensure best outcomes for patients
  • User Training Programs: Customised training sessions for staff at all levels, from administrative personnel to healthcare practitioners
  • Support Desk: Dedicated support teams available to address any issues or concerns promptly

Post go-live and ongoing support

Redmoor Health offer a range of ongoing support programmes as part of our digital and transformation hub service (will insert DThub once we have url)~Imp. This incudes self serve assessments and learning resources, action planning, short sprint projects and ongoing support post implementation Process.

Phase 1: Planning and Assessment

  • Initial consultation and needs assessment
  • Prioritisation, workflow analysis, and system design
  • Project timeline and milestones

Phase 2: Development and Configuration with supplier

  • Software customisation to meet specific needs
  • Integration/interoperability with existing systems and devices
  • Data cleansing, migration planning and execution
  • Early adopter user testing to build training requirements
  • Data protection, processing, DPIA, privacy notice support to practices

Phase 3: Training and Deployment

  • Comprehensive training for all user groups, by role, within and across practices/PCNs
  • System testing and validation
  • Go-live support and initial troubleshooting

Phase 4: Ongoing Support and Optimisation

  • Continuous technical support and maintenance
  • Regular system updates and enhancements
  • Performance monitoring and optimisation

Our Implementation support service is committed to transforming your healthcare operations through innovative technology, expert guidance from subject matter experts, and unwavering support that is focused on meeting clear implementation and adoption outcomes. By partnering with us, you are investing in a solution that not only meets today’s demands but also anticipates tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring sustained excellence in patient care and operational efficiency.

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