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Determine your organisation’s position around digital transformation efforts with a guided walkthrough of the Redmoor Digital Maturity Index (DMI), built in collaboration with Primary Care Analytics. Our experts will use the DMI to discuss and analyse your data during a free 30-minute consultation, ideal for GP practices, PCNs, and ICBs.

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Connect with us to explore how the Redmoor Digital Maturity Index can accelerate your path to digital excellence in healthcare. Our experts are ready to guide you through your data and help strategise for the future.

How you benefit from the consultation using the DMI

  • Expert Walkthrough: Our consultants will leverage the DMI to provide a detailed overview of your digital health metrics. Using our sophisticated dashboard, we aggregate and visualise critical data from a broad spectrum of national datasets in one streamlined view. Key metrics analysed include Patient Online Management Information (POMI),  Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) and Electronic Repeat Dispensing (ERD) data, Friends and Family Test feedback, NHS App uptake and usage, GP2GP transfers, and Register with a GP Surgery. The DMI’s benchmarking tools also allow you to compare your performance with other GP practices, PCNs, and ICBs across England, enabling you to pinpoint your strengths and areas for enhancement.
  • Tailored Analysis: Receive customised insights as we analyse your performance against national benchmarks. You don’t have to worry about navigating complex datasets or tools; we handle all the intricacies so you can focus on strategic decision-making.
  • Visual Demonstrations: Our visual presentations simplify complex data, making it easier for you to understand and act upon your performance metrics.

Why this consultation is essential

  • Focused Expertise: Tap into the knowledge of specialists skilled in digital health data interpretation using the DMI.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain strategic advice tailored to your specific data to identify critical improvement areas and better align with industry best practices.
  • Support for Modern Healthcare Practices: Use insights from the DMI to advance your transition plans and achieve objectives that meet the standards of modern healthcare.

We offer a wide range of services

Digital & Transformation Managed Service

Our Digital & Transformation Managed Service has been built to alleviate the difficulties of recruitment while offering PCNs a wealth of digital transformation knowledge and support.
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Digital Journey Planner

The DJP is an online self-assessment system for GP Practices. We developed the system with NHS England, to optimise general practice knowledge, understanding and processes, aiming to improve patient experience.
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Our team provides GP practices and Primary Care Networks with high quality patient social media communication, without the burden and pressures associated with managing social media channels.
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Our team has a wide ranging skills set, possessing previous experience delivering strategic patient communications support as well as frontline PR and communications within the NHS.

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Our Procurement Support aims to help you deliver every aspect of a successful procurement process from initial exploration of tech solutions to the evaluation, selection and implementation of chosen suppliers.
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Our courses, available individually or as part of a bundle, are conducted through interactive live sessions led by experienced professionals. This ensures a practical and engaging learning experience tailored to meet the evolving needs of the NHS workforce.