Procurement & Implementation Support

Poor implementation can harm technological and digital transformation projects. Insufficient due diligence, engagement, communication and training with and for front line staff results in low acceptance and adoption levels. 

Redmoor Health’s Procurement Support Solutions aims to take away these issues. We help you deliver every aspect of a successful procurement process from the initial exploration of tech solutions and local requirements to the evaluation, selection and implementation of chosen suppliers. 

Redmoor Health has the expertise to support with a range of technologies including: 

  • Advanced Telephony 
  • Online Consultation Video Consultation 
  • Remote Monitoring 
  • Patient Communications Systems 
  • Wellbeing Tech  
  • Analytics 

Our packages

Our Procurement Support Solutions are structured around three strategic packages designed to assist Integrated Care Boards (ICBs), PCN’s and GP Federations at crucial stages of the technology procurement process. 


Package 1

Pre-Procurement Support 

Aimed at the initial stages of the procurement cycle, this package helps organisations lay the groundwork for a successful procurement process through: 

  • Engagement Work: Facilitating early engagement with end-users and provider services. 
  • Securing Best Value: Liaising with procurement hubs to ensure commercial best value for the NHS. 
  • Gathering Requirements: Using interviews and targeted questionnaires to ensure the procurement strategy aligns with actual needs. 
  • Reviewing supplier functionality: Assisting in the evaluation of supplier capabilities listed on national buying catalogues. 
  • Financial footprint analysis: A comprehensive report detailing existing expenditures and overlap amongst current products and solutions, and potential forecasted savings from new system options.

Package 2

Shortlist Stage Support 

Designed for organisations who have identified potential suppliers and need assistance in refining their selection, this package includes: 

  • Detailed Supplier Evaluation: Offering support in conducting in-depth evaluations of shortlisted suppliers. 
  • Marketplace Event Organisation: Coordination of demonstration events for various system providers. 
  • Evaluation and Shortlisting Guidance: Providing advice to help organisations refine their shortlist based on evaluations and feedback. 
  • Clinical Risk and Governance Support: Ensuring the completion of clinical risk and governance checks for supplier systems. 

Package 3

Post-Procurement Support 

Focusing on the period after a supplier has been selected, this package ensures the smooth rollout and optimisation of the solution by: 

  • Implementation Support: Offering direct assistance to practices during the implementation phase. 
  • Running Awareness Sessions: Conducting educational sessions to ensure all stakeholders are informed about the new solution. 
  • Ensuring Supplier Accountability: Monitoring supplier performance to ensure compliance with contractual. 
  • Best practice, Adoption and Spread: Sharing best practice, across the region to promote widespread adoption and utilisation. 

Why chose Redmoor Health?

Redmoor Health has longstanding relationships with many current and speculative digital and technology providers. We are also independent and technologically agnostic and can operate successfully within any health and care transformation program.

Our Customers

Redmoor Health has an 8-year track record of highly effective engagement with health and care front line teams in making positive and authentic technologically enabled change. On average our customers report a 25% increase in their skills and knowledge after receiving our support.

Redmoor Health is supporting several large scale NHS areas with selecting and implementing different types of technological solutions:

North Central London ICB

Redmoor Health supports North Central London Integrated Care Board (ICB) with online consultation and video consultation procurement.  

This included:  

  • Understanding and scoping the requirements of the ICBs Primary Care Networks (PCNs).  
  • Identify suppliers with relevant features based on the PCN requirements. 
  • Supplier demos to showcase products, features, and prices.  
  • Monthly meetings with the suppliers and PCNs to ensure regular communication.  
  • A landing page to host the demo recordings and useful resources.  
  • Webinars on online consultation and digital front door.  
  • Identifying the need for and delivering 1 to 1 online consultation support to PCNs or GP practices.  
  • ICB progress reporting. 

NHS South East Region

The NHS South East Region is trailblazing Advanced Telephony in the NHS. Redmoor Health supports the region with Advanced Telephony procurement and implementation. 

This includes: 

  • Functionality benchmarking and comparison tool. 
  • Supplier feature demos. 
  • PCN Framework supplier selection support. 
  • Advanced Telephony optimisation webinars. 
  • 1 to 1 support session with PCNs on implementing advanced telephony systems. 
  • Best practice case study capture

Excellence in implementation

Redmoor Health employs a team of over 25 former or current healthcare professionals who have worked in commissioning, medical, technical, leadership or communications roles within the NHS and we draw on their knowledge and experience in all our work to achieve fantastic outcomes. Check our latest frontline outcomes in the case studies below: 


Charter Medical Centre – Advanced Telephony

Redmoor Health was asked to help the GP practices understand how they could interrogate and use their data to make relevant changes and improve their processes such as call flows, call queuing and callbacks to support access and demand.

NHS North Central London ICB – Procurement Support

NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board had a number of contracts in place for the provision of OCVC services which were due to end by 31 March, 2023.

Bay Medical Group: A Blueprint for Social Media in General Practice

Bay Medical Group are a 5-site GP practice covering the Morecambe area and operating as their own super PCN. Representing approximately 55,000 registered patients, they employ a diverse clinical team..

The Red Practice – Advanced Telephony

Redmoor Health was asked to help the GP practices understand how they could interrogate and use their data to make relevant changes and improve their processes such as call flows, call queuing and callbacks to support access and demand.


Overall, I have been very happy with the support provided by Redmoor Health, particularly Stacey and Lauren they were incredibly helpful in collating and gathering the supplier choice forms from practices, it was an arduous task and frustrating and complicated due to practices changing their minds, submitting multiple forms but we couldn’t have managed the implementation without them. They were both super organised and managed to keep note of different practices that needed followed ups and Stacey in particular has some local knowledge of working with practices previously that she was able to feed in. I felt confident passing on all practice communications to both of them, knowing they would be able to provide practices with the support they need.

Rosa GoodmanConsultant - Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

I felt that Redmoor did help with local direct engagement which helped me a lot by lightening my workload as I had two demanding projects to be working on. I didn’t then need to worry about contacting all the practices directly myself as I didn’t have the capacity. The relationship between myself, Stacey and Lauren was one of trust and helping each other so I felt that we were working together towards a common goal which was reassuring.

Tawanda NgunduNCL Digital First - Project Manager

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    Procurement & Implementation Support

    Our Procurement & Implementation Support aims to help you deliver every aspect of a successful procurement process from initial exploration of tech solutions to the evaluation, selection and implementation of chosen suppliers.
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