The CQC assessment and evidence digital tool can provide health and social care organisations with the confidence in knowing how they are performing against CQC quality standards.

The tool allows organisations to independently complete the CQC self-assessment. However, for full peace of mind, DKJ associates can take the organisation through the assessment step by step. DKJ Associates can then use the data and scores from the assessment to map out a plan to help health and social care organisations improve their CQC rating.

What does Pathfinder do?

View each Key Line of the Enquiry Quality Statement

Assess your organisation against what good looks like

Securely upload your evidence to each quality statement

Prioritise the next steps in an action plan

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Our Team

Redmoor Health and DKJ Support Services have come together to offer their combined expertise in data-driven digital transformation, optimisation and systems improvement, and PCN management, engagement, CQC compliance support and training, to offer the first fully wraparound service for all of your PCN’s compliance, digital and transformation needs. With our cohort of primary care, digital and operations specialists, we can help you to, benchmark and improve your service offer, meet targets and measure compliance easily, without adding pressure to practice staff.

Marc Schmid

Marc Schmid


Marc Schmid is an experienced senior manager in both the NHS and local government. He has been responsible for the implementation of digital first programmes across local government and the NHS as well as a range of other exciting digital programmes including remote consultations in primary care and social care, implementation of digital programmes for PCNs, digitisation of Lloyd George records and the rollout of a national programme of video group clinics. Marc was also one of the creators of Redmoor Communications CIC and provides digital training and support for not for profit organisations and support to help long term unemployed young people into work. Marc’s role is to develop Redmoor Health into a key strategic partner for the NHS and other public sector organisations.
Kiran Johnson Digital and Transformation Lead

Kiran Johnson

Director and Owner DKJ

Kiran is a Director and Owner of DKJ who are health and social care expert, specialising in primary care.

Kiran has over 15 years’ experience working within the public sector including for the local authority, what was the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Medical Committees predominantly within primary care and health inequalities, supporting general practice with specific programmes of work, CQC inspections, quality improvement and working at scale initiatives. More recently, Kiran co-founded DKJ who specialises in primary care and has overseen:

Interim Practice and Primary Care Network Management positions including a wide range of activities covering operational and strategic management.

Setting up over 80 Primary Care Networks in 2019 and currently supporting 133 Primary Care Networks across the country with projects including workforce planning and implementation, PCN Governance arrangements, quality improvement projects, adherence and assurance on contractual requirements and delivering workshops and away days for Boards.

Working with over 300 GP Practices with CQC mock inspections, feedback from recent CQC inspections and ‘deep diving’ into specific CQC Key Lines of inquiries.

Kiran also is the Strategic PCN Manager for South and Central Knowsley PCN where her duties include ensuring that DES requirements are met by all member practices, ensuring that ARRS workforces are recruited and embedded, IIF targets are met and developing and setting up Enhanced Access Service and Women’s Health Hubs.  Kiran has also been the lead for the PCN, alongside the Clinical Director, for the Complete Care Communities Project.

Chris Horne

Chris Horne

Head of Digital

Chris is our Head of Digital – His role is to bring your project to life digitally ensuring the project is delivered to the highest of standards. He leads end-to-end delivery of digital projects, including technology delivery and change management required to improve processes.

Chris has worked for large agencies in the past, working for high profile brands like Thomas Cook, Brother UK and Redrow Homes to name but a few. Chris provides a wealth of agency experience and will be pushing the innovation and digital offering at Redmoor.

Rowan Abbott

Rowan Abbott

System Developer

Rowan is Redmoor’s Principal System Developer, playing a critical role in designing and executing scalable, robust software solutions. Starting his career in the dynamic world of game development, Rowan accrued valuable skills in complex coding, debugging, and rigorous testing. This foundation in the gaming industry honed his ability for problem-solving and user-centric design, skills that seamlessly transitioned into his work in the realm of enterprise software.
In the enterprise space, Rowan has leveraged his expertise to create process automation, data management, and system integration solutions for multinational corporations. Now at Redmoor, he is delivering bespoke software systems for our partners. His diverse experience and passion for simplifying complex problems are reflected in Redmoor's mission of delivering transformative, high-quality software solutions.

Packages and licencing

Full Licence

£399 +VAT 

Full access to the Pathfinder tool including:

  • Self-assessments for each key line of enquiry
  • Key lines of enquiry performance results
  • Improvement action plans for each key line of enquiry
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Package 1

Focused Support 

  • Access to the Pathfinder tool and all of its associated features 
  • Focused support on specific Key Lines of Enquiry following CQC Assessment 
  • Action Plan Advice, Guidance and Support 
  • 6-month access to DKJ CQC Helpdesk 
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Package 2

Full CQC Mock Inspection 

  • Access to the Pathfinder tool and all of its associated features 
  • Full Mock Inspection based on 5 Key Lines of Enquiry 
  • Policy and procedure review including clinical searches ensuring all evidence is available and up to date 
  • Action Plan Advice, Guidance and Support 
  • 6-month access to DKJ CQC Helpdesk 
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Package 3

Full CQC Mock Inspection and Practice Readiness 

  • Full Mock Inspection based on 5 Key Lines of Enquiry 
  • Policy and procedure review including clinical searches ensuring all evidence is available and up to date 
  • Action Plan Advice, Guidance and Support 
  • Implementation, embed and monitor actions identified ready for CQC inspection 
  • Provision of templates, as required 
  • Support Practice Staff with CQC preparation for current and new processes 
  • 12-month access to DKJ CQC Helpdesk 
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