Procurement Support

At Redmoor Health, we are committed to supporting PCNs in optimising their procurement processes. Our Procurement Support project aims to facilitate early engagement with end-users, negotiate effectively with suppliers, and ensure procurement strategies align with actual needs.

Why it's important

Effective procurement is crucial for securing the best value, reducing costs, and ensuring that the selected solutions meet the specific needs of the organisation. By leveraging our expertise, PCNs can streamline their procurement processes, achieve significant savings, and enhance overall efficiency.

What the project is about

The Procurement Support project focuses on facilitating engagement with stakeholders, negotiating with suppliers, gathering requirements, and conducting thorough evaluations of potential solutions. By addressing these areas, we help PCNs build a robust and efficient procurement framework.


  • Engagement Work: Facilitating early engagement with end-users and provider services to ensure their needs and preferences are considered.
  • Negotiating with Suppliers: Offering expertise in negotiating terms and pricing to secure the best value.
  • Gathering Requirements: Using interviews and targeted questionnaires to ensure the procurement strategy aligns with actual needs.
  • Reviewing Supplier Functionality: Assisting in the evaluation of supplier capabilities listed on national buying catalogues.
  • Financial Footprint Analysis: Providing a comprehensive report detailing existing expenditures, overlap amongst current products and solutions, and potential forecasted savings from new system options.
  • Detailed Supplier Evaluation: Offering support in conducting in-depth evaluations of shortlisted suppliers.
  • Marketplace Event Organisation: Coordinating demonstration events for various system providers.
  • Evaluation and Shortlisting Guidance: Providing advice to help organisations refine their shortlist based on evaluations and feedback.
  • Clinical Risk and Governance Support: Ensuring the completion of clinical risk and governance checks for supplier systems.

Key components

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Ensuring early and effective engagement with end-users and provider services.
  • Expert Negotiation: Securing the best terms and pricing through expert negotiation with suppliers.
  • Accurate Requirement Gathering: Using targeted approaches to gather and align requirements with procurement strategies.
  • Supplier Capability Assessment: Evaluating the functionality and capabilities of suppliers listed on national catalogues.
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis: Analysing financial footprints to identify potential savings and optimise expenditures.
  • In-Depth Supplier Evaluation: Conducting thorough evaluations of shortlisted suppliers to ensure they meet the required standards.
  • Demonstration Event Coordination: Organising events for system providers to demonstrate their solutions.
  • Refined Shortlisting Process: Providing guidance to refine the shortlist based on detailed evaluations and feedback.
  • Clinical Risk and Governance Checks: Ensuring all supplier systems undergo thorough clinical risk and governance assessments.


  • Engagement Reports: Detailed reports on stakeholder engagement and their input.
  • Negotiation Outcomes: Documentation of negotiation outcomes and secured terms.
  • Requirement Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of gathered requirements and their alignment with procurement strategies.
  • Supplier Evaluation Reports: Detailed reports on supplier functionality and capabilities.
  • Financial Analysis Reports: Comprehensive financial footprint analysis with potential savings identified.
  • Supplier Evaluation Summaries: Summaries of in-depth evaluations of shortlisted suppliers.
  • Event Coordination Documentation: Documentation of marketplace event organisation and outcomes.
  • Shortlisting Guidance Reports: Detailed guidance on refining the shortlist based on evaluations.
  • Governance and Risk Assessment Reports: Reports on the completion of clinical risk and governance checks.


  • Optimised Procurement Processes: Streamlined procurement processes leading to better value and efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: Significant savings through effective negotiation and financial analysis.
  • Aligned Solutions: Procurement strategies and solutions that align closely with organisational needs.
  • Reduced Risks: Mitigated risks through thorough clinical risk and governance assessments.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Satisfaction: Improved satisfaction among stakeholders through early and effective engagement.

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