PCN Board Education

At Redmoor Health, we are dedicated to empowering PCN boards with the knowledge and strategies necessary for effective leadership and decision-making. Our PCN Board Education project aims to provide comprehensive education on key areas such as MGPA, PCARP, CAIP, and GP contracts, as well as strategic planning and quality improvement.

Why it's important

Educating PCN boards is crucial for achieving national targets, optimising funding use, and ensuring high-quality patient care. By enhancing the knowledge and strategic capabilities of board members, PCNs can better navigate the complexities of healthcare management and drive continuous improvement.

What the project is about

The PCN Board Education project focuses on providing in-depth education on various contracts and plans, supporting the development of effective strategies, and promoting quality improvement. By addressing these areas, we help PCN boards build a strong foundation for leadership and operational success.


  • Educating on Key Contracts: Providing education on MGPA, PCARP, CAIP, and GP contracts to ensure board members have a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Strategy Development: Supporting the development of strategies to meet national targets and improve overall performance.
  • Funding Analysis: Reviewing local ICB funding pots and deconstructing them to support effective PCN planning and resource allocation.
  • Understanding National Plans: Educating board members on National Support Plans and their implications for local practices.
  • ARRS Value Identification: Identifying where Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) roles can add the most value to the PCN.
  • Strategic Leadership Planning: Enhancing leadership skills and strategic planning capabilities among board members.
  • Quality Improvement: Promoting continuous quality improvement across the PCN through targeted initiatives and best practices.

Key components

  • Contract Education: Detailed education sessions on MGPA, PCARP, CAIP, and GP contracts.
  • Strategy Workshops: Interactive workshops to develop and refine strategies for meeting national targets.
  • Funding Workshops: Sessions focused on analysing and deconstructing local ICB funding pots.
  • National Plan Briefings: Informative briefings on National Support Plans and their local impact.
  • ARRS Workshops: Identifying and maximising the value of ARRS roles.
  • Leadership Development: Training sessions on strategic leadership and effective governance.
  • Quality Improvement Sessions: Workshops and training on implementing quality improvement initiatives.


  • Informed Board Members: Board members with a deep understanding of key contracts and national plans.
  • Strategic Plans: Developed strategies aligned with national targets and local needs.
  • Optimised Funding Use: Effective deconstruction and utilisation of local ICB funding pots.
  • Enhanced ARRS Utilisation: Identified and maximised value of ARRS roles.
  • Leadership Skills: Improved strategic leadership and planning capabilities among board members.
  • Quality Initiatives: Implemented quality improvement initiatives across the PCN.


  • Better Informed Decisions: Improved decision-making through enhanced knowledge and understanding of key contracts and plans.
  • Strategic Success: Achievement of national targets through well-developed strategies.
  • Efficient Resource Use: Optimised use of local ICB funding to support PCN planning.
  • Enhanced Care Delivery: Improved patient care through effective utilisation of ARRS roles.
  • Stronger Leadership: Enhanced leadership and strategic planning skills among board members.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ongoing quality improvement initiatives leading to better patient outcomes.

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