Covid 19 Recovery

Redmoor Health is committed to Covid 19 Recovery through our social value priorities.

Help local communities to manage and recover from the impact of COVID-19

Redmoor Health has a proven track record in supporting health and social care organisations to use innovative technology. As Covid-19 changes the way patient care is delivered, Redmoor Health has been at the forefront of supporting organisations – often at pace – to manage the switch to home working, find innovative solutions to support their customers and develop new digital products/services.

At Redmoor Health, we operate a hybrid working environment, we can recruit our talent from a mix of communities and regions. Our flexibility means that access to transport or the financial means to travel are not a barrier as we shape the work programme around the employee and match that with the needs of the business. Redmoor has invested in a larger head office which allows staff to work safely in a social distanced manner, whilst still retaining its support for remote working.

We have recently launched an innovative pilot project aimed at improving the physical and mental health of the region’s NHS workforce. Redmoor Health has helped develop “Bwell” boxes which contain the latest technology aimed at addressing significant work-related issues being faced by staff in the frontline of the pandemic. Items such as a Fitbit, a posture device, a temperature monitor and the latest App subscriptions can help to combat stress, lack of movement, bad posture, dehydration and an inability to separate their work and home life. As a provider of digital healthcare services, Redmoor was able to use its current knowledge of the tech industry to find a range of core products that could be used to address these key issues. The team are now supporting the roll out of the Bwell boxes to GP practices, dentists, optometrists and across Lancashire and South Cumbria as part of a trial for the programme.