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The advancements in AI, particularly with ChatGPT, have opened new doors in many fields. At Redmoor Health, we saw an opportunity to integrate this technology into primary care, creating a tool designed to support healthcare providers with some of their daily tasks. 

What is a Custom GPT? 

A Custom GPT combines the powerful language processing capabilities of ChatGPT with specialised knowledge bases. This means it doesn’t just understand and generate human-like text; it also leverages specific industry knowledge to provide relevant and accurate information tailored to your needs. 

Introducing Redmoor’s Digital and Transformation Assistant GPT 

We’ve developed the Digital and Transformation Assistant GPT to bring the benefits of AI directly to GP practices. Built on Redmoor’s extensive database of digital and transformation knowledge, this assistant is designed to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals. 

Computer generated image of a roboto hand holding up a human brain that has light circling it. Purple background.

Key features and benefits 

Our Digital and Transformation Assistant GPT is here to support you with a wide variety of digital and transformation questions that you might encounter in a GP practice. Here’s some of the ways it can help: 

24/7 availability 

Our assistant is always on hand to provide support whenever you need it. Whether it’s late at night or during a busy day, you can rely on continuous assistance without waiting for office hours. 

Enhanced patient communication 

Effective patient engagement is crucial for quality care. Our assistant offers practical strategies to help you communicate clearly and compassionately, improving the overall patient experience. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) insights 

Routine tasks can be time-consuming. Our assistant provides tailored recommendations on implementing RPA to automate these tasks, enhancing efficiency and allowing you to focus more on patient care. 

Website improvement guidance 

A user-friendly and informative website is essential for your practice. Our assistant gives you actionable advice to enhance your online presence, making it easier for patients to find the information they need. 

NHS App integration 

Integrating the NHS app into your practice can streamline operations and improve patient experience. Our assistant offers step-by-step guidance to help you make this integration seamless and effective. 

The impact on Primary Care 

Innovative GPs are turning to AI-powered solutions to boost efficiency and enhance patient care. These innovative tools are  offering new ways to tackle administrative tasks and improve clinical outcomes. 

For instance, Dr. David Triska has developed a custom GPT specifically designed to create Flory questionnaires. These questionnaires map to accredited sources using SNOMED codes, ensuring that the data collected is standardised and clinically relevant. This tool not only streamlines the process of gathering patient information but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of the data. David will be joining me to showcase his GPT on the 18th July where I’ll also be providing more details on our Digital and Transformation Assistant GPT. You can sign up to the webinar here 

Similarly, Dr. Ankit Kant has developed a sophisticated chatbot to assist GPs and their teams with a variety of tasks. This chatbot can help with contractual issues, letter drafting, policy submissions, CQC advice, and more. By automating these administrative tasks, Dr. Kant’s chatbot frees up valuable time for healthcare providers, allowing them to focus more on patient care. You can access the chatbot here. 

These examples highlight the growing trend of adopting AI-driven tools in primary care. By integrating AI solutions like custom GPTs and chatbots, healthcare providers can reduce administrative burdens, streamline operations, and ultimately provide better care to their patients. 

A new beginning 

The launch of Redmoor’s Digital and Transformation Assistant GPT is just the start. We are committed to exploring and developing new ways AI can benefit primary care.  

Our GPT is free for anyone with a paid ChatGPT license and is available now on the GPT app store via the ChatGPT website. 

Clare Temple

Blog by Clare Temple

Clare Temple is a Product Manager at Redmoor Health, prior to which she was the lead administrator in a rural GP Practice for six years.

Clare has a focus on implementing new digital solutions and techniques. These include Online Consultations, GP Online Services and website administration, where Clare has expertise making patient communications and flows more efficient. Clare has helped practices to develop things such as their appointment books, summary records, and optimise their clinical system, and has since used this knowledge to develop the Digital Journey Planner with Redmoor Health – which is all about supporting practices on their digital journeys.

Clare understands the pressures that GPs are under, and advocates the value that digital solutions can provide in easing some of this pressure.

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