New Primary Care Clinical Systems

A journey of discovery into the world of primary care electronic patient records with Birmingham and Solihull.

The landscape of clinical systems within primary care is marked by a longstanding duopoly, often limiting the technological advancement and operational efficiency of GP practices.

As the healthcare sector evolves, an increasing number of commissioners, PCNs and GP practices are expressing interest in migrating to new, innovative clinical systems.  However, the transition is fraught with complexities and risks, necessitating a careful, strategic approach.

As specialists in clinical system migration and deployment, Redmoor Health in collaboration with NHS Confederation are pleased to host a series of events to learn from the early adopters on the new market entrant programmes. Why not join us over the next couple of months to hear the experience of planning and development from the team at Birmingham and Solihull and the first of type clinical systems suppliers.

We are running a series of 3 sessions that are aimed at different audiences to learn about the new market entrants to the world of primary care electronic patient records. Sign up for the sessions today.

Guest Speakers

Session 1: 14.05.24

This is an introductory session about the development journey of the new market entrant clinical system programme, to include:

  • Why change?
  • What to consider?
  • Where to go for support?
  • How do I do this?

Guest speakers: Kate Thomas and Ciaron Hoye.

FAQs from the session

Session 2: 05.06.24 – 11.00 – 12.00

Next Steps – Having made your decision that you are ready to consider a new system, join us to hear what you need to do locally and find out BSOL have addressed various challenges.

  • What questions do I need to ask of my ICB/Region?
  • Where do I get support nationally?
  • Detailed walk through of progress to date in BSOL with Amy Glees, Head of Product and Technology, MedicalDirector and Emile Axelrad, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Medicus Health and the practice teams in Omnia and Yardley Green Medical centre
  • What has to be local and what can be re-used from elsewhere
  • Interoperability in the PCN and the wider needs for Place based care

Guest speakers – Emile Axelrad, Amy Glees, practice teams from Omnia and Yardley Green practices.


Session 3: 18.06.24 – 12.00 – 13.00

Help for Systems and organisations that support practices/PCNs interested in moving to a clinical system.

  • How can I help practices
  • What do I need to do structurally
  • Process for engagement with the programme
  • Where to seek external help (BSOL learning working with the wider NHS)
  • What’s already been done for you

Guest speakers – NHS Tech Innovation Framework team, Ciaron Hoye and Kate Thomas.


Our team have supported many practices with clinical system migration. If you’d like a discussion about how we can help, please get in touch:

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