Pharmacy First Event

Following the successful Pharmacy First event, introduced by Shilpa Shah, CEO of North East London LPC, here are the key topics discussed:

  • Pharmacy first data and dashboard: Lisa showed a dashboard with national and regional data on the seven conditions and asked for feedback on other data sources.
  • Pharmacy first experiences and feedback: Reena shared her positive feedback from patients and how she manages the service with a two-pharmacist model and technology. Farzana highlighted the benefits of the service for GPs and patients and the need for communication and trust. Paul mentioned some of the challenges and opportunities for the service and the NPA’s role in supporting contractors.
  • GP-pharmacy relationship and referral: Shilpa, Farzana and Paul discussed the importance of building local relationships with GP practices and PCNs, and how to overcome some of the barriers and concerns. They suggested some tips for introducing the service, advertising it locally, and providing quality information and feedback.
  • Self-care advice service: Shilpa announced a new service in North East London that allows eligible patients to get free over-the-counter medication for self-care as part of pharmacy first. She offered to share more details with other ICBs and LPCs.

This webinar was an excellent opportunity for pharmacy professionals, healthcare providers and stakeholders to learn from experts in the field, exchange ideas and discover strategies to maximise the benefits of Pharmacy First for both patients and service providers.

Data and dashboard

Pharmacy first data dashboard

Guest Speakers

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