Humber & North Yorkshire ICS DJP Programme

The Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership commissioned Redmoor Health to support its practices using the enhanced subscription.This includes wrap-around support delivered via one to one calls, workshops with practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and topic-specific webinars to underpin the DJP and provide depth of understanding. Development of a digital champions network is usually part of the enhanced offer, but the ICB opted to use their GP IT partner, N3i, to work alongside the ICB team and Redmoor to support the practices. Redmoor’s team of specialists have primary care operational knowledge and clinical system/product knowledge, so can bridge the gap between technology, people and process.

Aims and Objectives

Redmoor Health was commissioned to support a local project team to support GP practices across the ICB footprint to improve digital access services.

The DJP tool was seen as a sensible approach to assessing local capability and digital maturity.The desired outcome was and is to equip all practices with effective and compliant websites and social media.


Independent reviews of GP websites showed a significant variation in quality and standards. Many GP practices were/are not making good use of social media to engage with patients and carers.

From the ICS perspective, several developments associated with the DJP tool were needed, particularly with regard to reporting and shared access to local plans/reports.

The Solution

Redmoor Health supported the N3i project team in delivering a briefing andan engagement session.

Improvements to the DJP reporting and access were also made during the programme, which proved effective.


21 induction and engagement sessions were jointly delivered by the project team and the Redmoor Health support team; with feedback indicating these were well received.

To date, 75 practices have attended an introduction session; in addition, a significant number of staff have attended Redmoor Health training webinars.


  • The project team has engaged 103 practices of the 183 across the region;
  • 58 practices in Vale of York have registered accounts in the DJP, and 15 action plans have been created;
  • In the North Yorkshire region, 31 practices have been engaged with, 4 have signed up from the DJP assessment, 2 have created an action plan,and 1 has started the action plan – further detail to be sent;
  • In the Hull East Riding region, 42 practices have been engaged, 12 have signed up to the DJP, and 6 have created an action plan;
  • In Northern Lincolnshire, 30 practices are engaged, 16 have signed up to the DJP, 5 practices have created action plans, 8 have got a delivery plan in place to complete their actions plans, 1 has completed an action plan, and 3 have started action plans.


The project has been running for six months and is still in it’s early days.

Capacity and capability issues at practice level continue to be a significant challenge, however, 15 practices have developed an action plan for the patient communication module. As a direct result of this, they are considering the introduction of a social media ‘managed service’ offering and are actively seeking service offerings from several digital partners.

Redmoor has a significant level of key and experienced resource, and clearly understand the challenges associated with deploying digital tools across general practice. Their approach was tailored to our need, and they fulfilled the ‘partnership’ role very well working with our project team and other partners very effectively. The training and educational material provided by Redmoor was excellent, particularly the training webinars.

Trevor WrightDigital Primary Care Programme Director, Humber and North Yorkshire ICS

Lessons Learned

Lesson Learnings from Humber & North Yorkshire ICS


“Strategic partners are important to progress the ‘digital optimisation’ agenda and working with Redmoor as a strategic partner has allowed us to develop effective engagement with practices. The use of the DJP has been positive and we see the use of this tool as key to establishing a baseline position and the foundations to build stable digital capability on.

It has been helpful to have PCN leads leading the email communications with practices. The project team can engage with any member of a GP practice but has found particular success engaging IT leads.

Doing face-to-face action plan meetings and engaging practices one on one has aided in the uptake of the Digital Journey Planner.

The project team attended practice managers’ forums to engage practices. The local ICB facilitates these meetings and integrates them into their existing practices.

The project team have been offering local implementation support for action plans such as setting up social media pages. This provided practices with extra capacity to complete action plans.”

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