Social Media Workshop


The Social Media CPD Course is a targeted online training session designed to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage social media effectively for their practices and patient communities. Over the course of an hour, participants will delve into the essentials of social media management, tackling common challenges and opportunities within the healthcare context. By understanding the nuances of social media use, participants will learn to enhance patient engagement, manage public perception, and create supportive online communities.

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Price (per person):



Available CPD Credits:

1 hour

Delivery Method:
Microsoft Teams & Comprehensive PDF Learning Materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of social media platforms and their strategic application in healthcare settings, enhancing practice visibility and patient engagement.
  • Develop confidence in managing unofficial social media pages and addressing negative comments constructively to maintain a positive online presence for your practice.
  • Master the settings and tools available on social media platforms to ensure privacy, security, and effective content management tailored to healthcare needs.
  • Learn how to create and nurture closed patient groups for specific conditions, fostering a supportive community environment.
  • Discover strategies to use social media for bolstering Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), facilitating increased patient involvement and feedback.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Essential skills in navigating and using social media to benefit your practice and patient community, from basic setup to advanced management techniques.
  • Strategies for confidently handling unofficial pages and negative feedback, ensuring your practice’s online reputation remains positive.
  • Knowledge on how to use social media tools and settings to enhance patient privacy, security, and engagement.
  • Insights into creating closed groups and leveraging social media for patient participation groups, contributing to a more engaged patient community.
  • CPD certification upon completion, signifying your proficiency in applying social media strategies effectively within a healthcare context.

Course Requirements:

  • Delegates should commit to attending the full Workshop/Course
  • Delegates should be able to complete any pre course requisite questionnaire, tasks and/or Action Plans throughout the course as required
  • Delegate should have protected time to attend Workshop

Things to think about before you attend training:

  • Are you using Social Media already, either in a small or more advanced way?
  • Which Social Media platform might you like to use and ask questions about?
  • Have you a list of questions pre workshop?
  • Do you believe Social Media is a good thing for use in General Practice?
  • Do you need convincing that Social Media is a good thing for use in General Practice
  • Can you think of any ways that this workshop will improve your patient outcomes
  • Would your PPG benefit from being involved in some way?
  • Who else needs to attend training from your team?

IT Requirements:

  • Online internet access essential to attend course
  • Headphones so as to hear presenter clearly and not disturb colleagues
  • Delegate should be reasonably IT Confident and be aware/confident of any software used in their everyday role
  • Delegate should have access to a Lap Top or Desk Top Computer, printer and any other equipment needed as part of the course requirements
  • A quiet workspace away from areas of heavy footfall