Speciality 365 & Teams Webinar


Elevate your digital workspace with our targeted webinar on the advanced functionalities of Office 365 and Teams. This session is designed for individuals ready to transcend basic usage, aiming to harness the sophisticated capabilities of integrating apps, managing channels, and creating dynamic forms and polls within Teams. Perfect for those with a foundational knowledge of Office 365 and Teams, this webinar promises to refine your skills, making you an adept user capable of leveraging these tools to their utmost potential in any professional setting.

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Price (per person):



Available CPD Credits:

1 hour

Delivery Method:
Microsoft Teams & Comprehensive PDF Learning Materials

Learning Objectives:

  • Deepen your understanding of Office 365 by exploring its advanced features, focusing on document management, presentations, and spreadsheet creation.
  • Achieve mastery over Microsoft Teams by learning to effectively integrate apps, manage channels, and utilize forms and polls for enhanced communication and collaboration.
  • Enhance your ability to seamlessly transition between Office applications and the cloud, ensuring constant access to your files and data.
  • Develop skills to implement sophisticated collaborative tools and techniques within Teams, aimed at boosting productivity and fostering teamwork.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Advanced proficiency in using Office 365 and Teams, significantly improving your capabilities in digital collaboration and productivity.
  • The skillset to efficiently manage digital workspaces, promoting effective communication and collaboration across professional environments.
  • CPD accreditation recognizing your enhanced competency in leveraging the advanced features of Office 365 and Teams for superior digital collaboration and productivity, upon completion.

Course Requirements:

  • Delegates should commit to attending the full Workshop/Course
  • Delegates should be able to complete any pre course requisite questionnaire, tasks and/or Action Plans throughout the course as required
  • Delegate should have protected time to attend Workshop

IT Requirements:

  • Online internet access essential to attend course
  • Headphones so as to hear presenter clearly and not disturb colleagues
  • Delegate should be reasonably IT Confident and be aware/confident of any software used in their everyday role
  • Delegate should have access to a Lap Top or Desk Top Computer, printer and any other equipment needed as part of the course requirements
  • A quiet workspace away from areas of heavy footfall