Social Value Tackling Economic Inequalities


Redmoor Health is committed to tackling economic inequality through our social value priorities.

  1. Create new businesses, new jobs, and new skills

Redmoor Health is committed to engaging with local schools and further education establishments over the lifetime of the contract to deliver career talks and mentoring in PR, communications, social media, and project management. Our team have delivered career talks in education for many years on a voluntary basis. Our proposed careers talks will be based around the different job roles available in PR, communications, social media, and project management, different industries, skills set required and/or personal journeys to help inform and motivate students. The style of the talk will vary depending on what schools/colleges require. The duration can range from 15-30 minutes, presenting to a full year group but we will deliver to specific small groups as required. Our team will deliver their talk multiple times to different groups of students. Our career talk sessions will also highlight the benefits of self-employment as a route into work.

Through our social enterprise partnership with Redmoor Communications we have provided support and training to unemployed young people and have taken this experience to shape all our programmes. Redmoor Health has considerable experience in delivering digital engagement projects and creating employment opportunities for young people to access services and learn new skills. We have delivered successful digital programmes across all parts of the UK and have a highly skilled team with a variety of knowledge and experience. We will engage with local job centres, and community support groups to deliver social media bootcamps and mentoring. We provide learning resource materials including, guidelines and protocols as well as handy guide how to guides. We will tailor these sessions to best support the individuals engaged.

  1. Increase supply chain resilience and capacity

We will support innovation and disruptive technologies throughout our local supply chain to deliver lower cost and/or higher quality services. We expect all those in our supply chain to comply with our values. As part of our supply chain relationships, we:

  • Build long-standing relationships with local suppliers and make clear our expectations of higher quality services.
  • Have a policy of “knowing our customer” to ensure that we are contracting with likeminded businesses who encourage innovation and disruptive technology through the delivery of their services.
  • We are dedicated to supporting localisation and promoting social value through our supply chain.
  • We will influence staff, suppliers, customers, and communities through the delivery

of services to support employment and skills opportunities locally.

  • We will create a diverse supply chain to support the delivery of our services, maximise our use of local and third sector organisations as direct suppliers into Redmoor Health.
  • We will influence staff, suppliers, customers, and communities through the delivery

of our services to support resilience and capacity in the supply chain.