Social Value Wellbeing

Redmoor Health is committed to wellbeing through our social value priorities. We are committed to prioritising mental health in the workplace. We have implemented a mental health at work plan that is representative of the view of our employees, sub-contractors, and stakeholders.

Our CEO provides board-level accountability which is underpinned by a clear governance structure for reporting purposes. Our mental health at work plan is communicated to all staff through our comprehensive induction process and refreshed at regular intervals. We seek feedback from our employees through our performance appraisal process. We routinely monitor employee mental health and wellbeing through daily check ins and have a dedicated item to wellbeing at our weekly team meetings.

At Redmoor Health we proactively ensure work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes, we promote a hybrid working environment, we can recruit our talent from a mix of communities and regions. Our flexibility means that access to transport or the financial means to travel are not a barrier as we shape the work programme around the employee and match that with the needs of the business. We pride ourselves on flexible and agile working and encourage employees to have work-life balance at the outset. We are a family-based business and have invested significantly into a new larger head office which provides good physical workplace conditions for all our employees. We influence staff, suppliers, customers, and communities through the delivery of all our services to support wellbeing supply chain. We encourage two-way conversations about mental health through our 1-2-1 performance review process. We provide a comprehensive induction for all our employees. Through our performance appraisal process we ensure that all staff have an awareness of the challenging mental health stigma.