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Redmoor Health’s yourHub programme is a collaborative and scalable delivery programme that brings people together to optimise processes and technology to create better workforce and patient outcomes.

What does the programme support?

The programme tackles these issues through the use of hubs, collaborative and integrated ways of working.

Chronic workforce issues

Poor estates

Tight and restricted finances

Increased patient need and demand

Ageing technical infrastructures

Inappropriate digital solutions

The PCN Hub programme allows total flexibility of support. You can decide which stage you want to start at and what your collaboration hub will be focused on. Some popular focuses include developing:


Admin Hub

Where the PCN combine efforts both operationally and technically to streamline and automate administrative functions to reduce the burden.

Non-clinical Triage or Signposting Hub

Optimising the non-clinical frontline staff to use clinically safe triage systems in order to streamline patients into various appointments and services within the practice and PCN.

Online Consultation Hubs

Offer of a combined PCN OC model where patients, when appropriate, can use OC to manage ie referrals, medication queries, general enquiries without the need for an appointment.

Same Day Appointment Hub

At PCN level, using either or both advanced telephony and OC to manage access and signpost same day needs into a PCN clinical service to consult & complete

Care Navigation Hub

Using digital systems to manage a PCN end to end care navigation system, designed around the workforce of the PCN and practice.

How it works

Our yourHub development framework assists PCNs with implementation in four manageable stages. Each stage contains a variety of support offers which adapts depending upon your requirements.

PCN Development Planning

Bespoke PCN baselining, used to establish the current level of a PCN’s maturity. Stage one guides PCNs through an evaluation of collaborative working, in areas like, operations, structure, governance, service delivery, finance and more.

PCN Hub Visioning Workshop

Visioning a common PCN goal for all practice staff via a three-step workshop phase:

Phase 1: Scene setting, establishing where you are as a PCN and identifying areas of weakness.

Phase 2: Establishing what the areas of achievement, strength, collaborative effort and collective passions are

Phase 3: Agreeing the burning issues to hand and the opportunities for growth.

This will provide the PCN with it’s top priorities in order to shape the PCN Hub focus.

PCN Hub Programme Delivery

This stage involves trusted and co-creative working between Redmoor and the PCN. As the PCN works to engage stakeholders and implement changes, Redmoor provides step-by-step mentoring and support along the way; including comms strategies & content, work models, systems & technical training, evaluation and any other bespoke requirements. There are varying elements of support required to assist practices to work at scale. The programme can concentrate on specific focal areas or support a new model of care to go live. Some examples of practice and PCN support that providers and commissioners are opting for are:

  • Full PCN Hub end to end programme support
  • Digital and operational process mapping
  • New models of delivery, including options appraisals and gap analysis
  • Access areas like digital front doors, online service, advanced telephony, non-clinical triage
  • ARRS as a service, optimisation and retention of ARRS roles in PCNs
  • Scaling up
  • Neighbourhood integration
  • And many more


Following the Hub go-live, we will review and assess how the project went, success factors, outcomes and lessons learned. This will provide the evidence base of how the programme met the intended outcomes as well as identifying any unintended benefits.

I personally have found working with the team at Redmoor incredibly refreshing and enjoyable; they are experienced, enthusiastic, forward thinking, motivating, organised and really personable.

Dr Anish RadiaNorth Camden PCN

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