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Looking after the health and wellbeing of your staff is now recognised as being part of the day-to-day role of every organisation. Not only is it crucial for workforce morale and satisfaction, performance, sickness reduction and prevention, retention, recruitment… is just the right thing to do.

Unfortunately the quality of the health and wellbeing service can vary from organisation to organisation.

During the pandemic, “burn out” became a major concern for NHS staff who were going above and beyond during the biggest peacetime incident in the NHS history. Following Covid, there has been a concerted effort to encourage employers to prioritise NHS staff wellbeing. Workforce retention has also become a major issue with many staff leaving the service due to dis—satisfaction with pay and conditions.

Although there is a wealth of resources available for NHS staff, it is rare for accessible technology to be offered as part of the package. But for very little investment, the return can be huge.

The technology does not need to be very expensive but it can still be out of reach financially for many people. Especially during the current cost of living crisis, a scheme such as the Redmoor Health BWell programme can make a significant impact. A collaboration between NHS England and Redmoor, it has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in improving staff well-being, with observable and quantifiable results.

The idea is actually incredibly simple. The Bwell boxes are a kit box containing the latest digital health and wellbeing technology specifically designed to help staff keep mentally and physically healthy in the workplace. They offer a range of items including fitness trackers, stress management devices, back pain relief, hydration reminders, posture improvement tools and sunrise alarms to combat stress, lack of movement, poor posture, back pain, dehydration and the challenge of separating work and home life.

By implementing these strategies effectively, pharmacy owners can leverage digital communications to reach customers and promote NHS and private services, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

If growing your business and uptake of your services is a goal for your organisation, Redmoor Health has partnered with some digital communications providers to create a FREE learning workshop for independent pharmacy businesses, where we will delve into the world of digital communications and how it can take your pharmacy business to new heights and increase your revenue streams.

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion on Tuesday 2nd July that will explore the transformative “Pharmacy First” service model. Our expert panellists will share their experiences, insights and recommendations on how to make the most of this innovative approach to healthcare delivery. Register here.

Redmoor Health, as a tech-based solutions provider, used its expertise to select core products to address these issues, considering factors such as investment, effectiveness, accessibility and value for money. What makes the BWell programme so successful is the fact it offers a comprehensive approach to wellbeing and retention, addressing both physical and mental health issues faced by NHS staff.

By providing practical tools that improve daily health and wellbeing, the Redmoor Health Bwell boxes directly contribute to the goals of the NHS National Retention Programme, which focuses on reducing turnover by creating a supportive work-life balance for NHS workers.

Research from NHS staff who have used the BWell boxes have reported a significant improvement in their physical and mental wellness. The programme was aimed at connecting people; increasing physically activity; helping staff learn new skills and give to others and paying attention to the present moment.

These digital solutions have been found to be the most effective solutions in terms of investment, effectiveness, accessibility, and value for money. However, one of the key lessons learned from a pilot programme was that people were able to ‘build their own box’ depending on what their concerns were.

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Anna Buckle

Blog by Anna Buckle

Anna Buckle leads on a range of training programmes nationally, including video group clinics and the upskilling of digital nurses. She manages our marketing and engagement programmes organising training workshops and practice events.

She also works with nurses across the country supporting them to understand how using technology can support them to manage their patients’ health. Anna manages our video group clinic programmes, providing support on the technical elements of running video group clinics for practices nationally. She is also skilled at creating videos of patient and clinician stories, which bring to life the amazing work being done with technology across the NHS.

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