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During the pandemic, digital tools were deployed rapidly across health and social care, with members of staff expected to adopt them almost overnight.

Even patients, many with no previous digital knowledge, had to try and get to grips with a wide variety of apps and doing everything online.

The majority of people, either by themselves or with the help of friends and family, did rise to the challenge and digital quickly became part of every day life.

However, the tools and all their different aspects are not being used to their maximum value.

The only way to overcome this is to start with coaching.

Coaching supports you with developing performance and improvement. It focuses on specific goals and skills, taking into account an individual’s personal attributes, such as confidence, and their individual needs.

Redmoor’s coaching programme is designed specifically in collaboration with clients, so participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support they need to drive digital transformation within their organisations.

A key feature is the comprehensive approach to support including webinars, how to guides & FAQ sheets, case studies, practical implementation periods and follow up sessions.

This structured and supportive approach has a proven track record. The peer-to-peer support is also a major part of the programme. It gives the opportunity to provide people with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to in a structured way, with additional support at their own pace.

Barriers around confidence and knowledge can only be overcome by training and peer support.  As well as sharing knowledge, this is a great way to change culture and behaviour by encouraging people to embrace change and give it a try.

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Stacey Thomson

Blog by Stacey Thomson

Stacey Thomson has 20 years’ experience of working within the NHS. Her main expertise are in Medicines Management and she has recently helped with the development and implementation of a Medicine Hub across a group of newly-merged practices. This involved bringing together a team of Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Practice Prescribing Support teams to improve clinical safety and access for patients.

Stacey is a strong advocate for digital solutions and how they can improve services for both staff and patients.

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