Basic Notes Summarising


An online presented webinar which covers the basic to intermediate theory of Electronic Patient Note Summarising. You will learn how to pick out the salient points and important medical history to be recorded; and the process for doing so. This course does not cover Cancer coding; as this is a more advanced course; but is useful for anyone already summarising who has been self-taught; or anyone beginning to learn how to summarise a patients notes.

This course is for anyone who is summarising, or going to summarise, patients medical records, either from a Lloyd George Folder, or a GP2GP upload, as well as anyone who spends time checking the note entries in the patients notes.

It is not essential, but it is advisable to have previously attended our other clinical courses first, particularly:

  • Medical Terminology and Body Systems
  • Read Codes to Snomed Codes

It is useful to have a basic working knowledge of the clinical software used by your GP Practice, which could either be Emis Web, SystmOne or Vision.

Upcoming course:

12th June 10am, 4 hours with lunch break




Available CPD Credits:

2 hours

Delivery Method:
Microsoft Teams & Comprehensive PDF Learning Materials

Learning Objectives:

  • Master essential techniques for summarising electronic patient notes, focusing on key medical history elements.
  • Understand processes for effective patient note summarisation, including specific areas like mental health, fractures, and pregnancy, excluding advanced cancer coding.
  • Learn to navigate and apply clinical software platforms (Emis Web, SystmOne, Vision) for accurate patient record management.
    Gain insight into effectively summarising and documenting significant points in a patient’s clinical Electronic Health Record, improving the quality of patient care documentation.
  • Recognise the impact of precise medical record coding on healthcare outcomes, including the improvement of QOF points.
  • Earn CPD points and enhance professional development by acquiring skills crucial for healthcare documentation and management.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Better understanding of coding a patient’s medical record.
  • Increase of Qof points due to correct coding
  • CPD points awarded for attending with a certification following completion of the programme.

Course Requirements:

  • Delegates should commit to attending the full Workshop/Course
  • Delegates should be able to complete any pre course requisite questionnaire, tasks and/or Action Plans throughout the course as required
  • Delegate should have protected time to attend Workshop

IT Requirements:

  • Online internet access essential to attend course
  • Headphones so as to hear presenter clearly and not disturb colleagues
  • Delegate should be reasonably IT Confident and be aware/confident of any software used in their everyday role
  • Delegate should have access to a Lap Top or Desk Top Computer, printer and any other equipment needed as part of the course requirements
  • A quiet workspace away from areas of heavy footfall