Medical Terminology & Body Systems Workshop


Explore medical language in our online workshop, perfect for both beginners and those with some knowledge of Medical Terminology and Body Systems. Learn how medical terms are formed and their importance, enhancing your ability to understand and document patient information in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Summary Care Records (SCR).

This course will teach you to break down medical words into understandable parts, improving your decision-making for patient documentation. You’ll become more adept at navigating the digital healthcare world, gaining skills that are crucial in today’s NHS and healthcare settings.

Gain insights into the nine essential Body Systems, with medical terminology that will boost your ability to manage patient records, phone calls, and referral letters effectively. This workshop is a must for anyone in patient care documentation and communication, aiming to enhance your proficiency and efficiency in healthcare.

Upcoming course:

29th May 10am, 1.5 hours




Available CPD Credits:

2 hours

Delivery Method:
Microsoft Teams & Comprehensive PDF Learning Materials

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology and the structure of the human body systems, enhancing your ability to interpret and apply medical vocabulary accurately.
  • Develop the ability to break down medical terms into their constituent parts, facilitating a deeper comprehension of their meanings and implications for patient care.
  • Acquire the skills to assess the relevance and significance of medical information, improving decision-making regarding the recording of patient details in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Summary Care Records (SCR).
  • Enhance your efficiency and confidence in navigating the evolving digital healthcare environment, ensuring you are equipped to manage the complexities of patient documentation and communication effectively.
  • Advance your professional development and earn CPD points by mastering critical aspects of medical terminology related to the body systems, crucial for anyone involved in patient care coordination or record management.

What You’ll Receive:

  • In-depth knowledge and skills in medical terminology and an understanding of the human body systems, crucial for effective patient record management.
  • The ability to interpret and communicate medical information more effectively, leading to improved patient care and documentation accuracy.
  • CPD accreditation for participation, along with a certificate upon successful completion of the workshop, contributing to your professional growth and recognition in the healthcare field.

Course Requirements:

  • Delegates should commit to attending the full Workshop/Course
  • Delegates should be able to complete any pre course requisite questionnaire, tasks and/or Action Plans throughout the course as required
  • Delegate should have protected time to attend Workshop

IT Requirements:

  • Online internet access essential to attend course
  • Headphones so as to hear presenter clearly and not disturb colleagues
  • Delegate should be reasonably IT Confident and be aware/confident of any software used in their everyday role
  • Delegate should have access to a Lap Top or Desk Top Computer, printer and any other equipment needed as part of the course requirements
  • A quiet workspace away from areas of heavy footfall