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Redmoor Health has appointed a Chief Medical Officer to help implement the next stage of its growth strategy as a consultant. Dr Rahul Goyal has 14 years’ experience of working in digital healthcare, including being involved in several digital transformation projects around electronic health records, shared care records and a patient information portal in the UAE.

CEO and founder Marc Schmid said: “This is an exciting time for Redmoor Health as we are working with NHS partners across the UK to design new and innovative ways to support health and care teams to deal with the challenges of increased demand and an ageing population.

“We are constantly looking for good practice, not just in the UK but also overseas and we see Rahul as bringing valuable knowledge and expertise to help us with this journey.

“We have a high quality, passionate team driven by the desire to support the NHS workforce and Rahul shows the kind of attributes in the way he approaches his work that fits well with the ethos of Redmoor Health.”

Although he has spent much of the last eight years working in the UAE and leading one of the fastest rollouts of shared care records, Dr Goyal has continued working as a GP during his regular trips home to Chorley.

He took up his new role in November and said: “I’m hugely excited by the opportunity to work for a dynamic, forward-thinking company like Redmoor Health.

“Redmoor Heath came to my attention for the work they’re doing in primary healthcare, and I hadn’t realised they were based in Chorley.

“I was surprised to see a homegrown company covering the length and breadth of the UK.”

Dr Goyal’s medical career started as an ophthalmologist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital before he followed in his parent’s footsteps and became a GP.

He’s worked as a partner at both The Village Practice in Thornton Cleveleys and Library House Surgery in Chorley, where his interest in digital healthcare took off.

“Technology is only a tool,” he said. “Left to me I’d like the technology between the doctor and the patient in the consultation room to be invisible.

“It’s the human factor that excites me. Technology in isolation won’t change things.

“I have built up a lot of knowledge on information sharing and technology in healthcare.”

Dr Rahul Goyal

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