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Redmoor Health have stepped in to support a young footballer by sponsoring his strip. They have helped his season kick off in style with Gosforth AFC and Ben Temple couldn’t be prouder.  

His mum, Clare, who works for Redmoor Health as Digital Programme Manager, explained how the Chorley-based company had sponsored Ben as an individual. 

She added: “Ben loves playing football and at Gosforth AFC, he has learned a lot of new skills and made a lot of new friends. This will be the team’s second season in the league, finishing last season off with a win at a local tournament.   

“They have gone from strength-to-strength and I’m looking forward to watching them get even better.  A big thank you from Ben for his sponsorship!” 

A club spokesperson said: “It’s been great that we’ve been able to raise extra club funds from businesses sponsoring individual players, we really appreciate their help.  We’re looking forward to Futsal (the indoor football over winter) to help improve and sharpen up the players skills and put them to the test for the 22/23 season.” 

Redmoor CEO, Marc Schmid, said: “We are happy and proud to be able to sponsor Ben as he plays for Gosforth AFC. As a family orientated company, it’s great to be able to be part of community and support our staff and their families in this way.” 

Redmoor Health sponsorship of young football player

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