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Alex Harper is the newest member of Redmoor Health’s expert digital team.

Alex from Southport is a new Programme Manager looking after contracts in North Cumbria, Northeast London and the Southeast region, amongst others, as well as Redmoor’s telephony programme.

Like the rest of the Redmoor team, Alex has a wealth of knowledge and experience from working on the frontline in health

Alex began her career in the NHS at the age of 19, working on reception at her local GP surgery whilst studying for her Business Management degree.

After graduating, Alex went on to work for a national primary care provider, initially as a Rota and Compliance Auditor and then as their Integration Manager.

Looking for something a bit closer to home, Alex went on to work for the GP Federation in the area where she lived, starting off as their Operations Manager, managing an Out of Hours service, Extended Access service and setting up a Social Prescribing Service, before transitioning into a Primary Care Network Manager.

During her time as a PCN Manager, Alex was involved in the recruitment and introduction of multiple new roles in primary care, including Clinical Pharmacists, Paramedics and First Contact Physiotherapists.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Alex was instrumental in the local response, setting up a hot site and working at system level on surge planning and monitoring daily capacity and demand across all services.

Before joining Redmoor, Alex was working as a Deputy Practice Manager, and therefore understands the challenges of general practice.

Alex is passionate about supporting healthcare providers to make the most out of the digital solutions that are available to them.

“I am very excited to be part of the Redmoor team. I understand the challenges that primary care is facing and have empathy with how they are feeling. Change can be difficult to adjust to, but I can see the benefits that digital can bring both to staff and also patients.

An advanced Telephony service for instance can alleviate pressure at the front end, saves time for the workforce but also improves the patient experience.”

Alex Harper

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